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  1. Philthepockets

    The Fears of a Pool Player
  2. Philthepockets

    Fedor Departs CueTec...?

    World champion "what tip do you use?.. no idea" lol
  3. Philthepockets

    America vs Rest of the World

    This is how it's done.
  4. Philthepockets

    Fedor Departs CueTec...?

    I'd NEED a new cue, the old one would be a 3 piece
  5. Philthepockets

    JS Proudly Cheering Fedor's Miss

    Box office and entertainment, get over it.
  6. Philthepockets

    73 tables and a waiting list

    Pool in a different place in Asia it seems. Interview with Karl Boyes
  7. Philthepockets

    Stroke with no acceleration versus stroke with acceleration

    A robot could theoretically, perfectly execute any shot with a constant velocity, the acceleration is simply to keep the the tension out of the arm and keep the cue on the intended path.
  8. Philthepockets

    Aggressive chalking strikes again.

    Didn't know Rafael was playing with carbon now.
  9. Philthepockets

    US Open 9-Ball, 2023, Atlantic City, Sep 25-30

    I haven't watched all the matches, but from the ones I have watched I can't say I have seen balls refused in favor of a safety just because of pocket size, if anything I have seen some downright reckless attempts on tough shots :unsure:
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    How do these diamond tables play so badly? vid

    This ball came off at a natural angle
  11. Philthepockets

    How do these diamond tables play so badly? vid

    maybe get him to play a "Z" shot on this table
  12. Philthepockets

    How do these diamond tables play so badly? vid

    R spin would not check off the second rail, even if by chance there was any spin remaining at the speed this was played. First year they changed to Diamonds at BCA they played like this, awful.
  13. Philthepockets

    What does pumping the cue over and over up in the air before their shot do for the pros?

    Don't even get me started on incessant chalkers, chalk abuse should be a felony.
  14. Philthepockets

    Lathe for tips

    You have to buy 2, but you could always sell one.
  15. Philthepockets

    Snooker cues for sale

    Hi, any of the Omin's in maple? Looking for a 58" 18.5oz ish 9.2 - 9.5mm Thanks
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    12 Ft, Snooker Table

    You could try Simon Barker, one of the best in the business, he is based in the UK. but often travels through the US. His Website is
  17. Philthepockets

    SVB featured on 60 min (dropped 10 hrs ago)

    Just making a slight historical correction :) In the 70's and 80's the top snooker players were already household names well before Matchroom took over in 2010, they took over when snookers sponsorship was drying up.
  18. Philthepockets

    Spanish Open, June 2023, from Matchroom

    Very high standard this final
  19. Philthepockets

    Chinese Pool International Professional League International Elite Tournament, Jun 16-24.

    Match results