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  1. tryhonesty07

    Visit from Shane Johnson (Cuephoric)

    wait for shane is absolutely fine. But when he says he'll be there in 2 weeks..and then decided to never answer his phone for months its not okay for a business. he's wrong , get over it.
  2. tryhonesty07

    Visit from Shane Johnson (Cuephoric)

    Might be a great table mechanic, but doesnt like to return phone calls, even when he's scheduled work. I was very disappointed.
  3. tryhonesty07

    Professionals playing in non professional events

    wow, guess that pissed ppl off. lol It's just irritating that theres tourneys that I'm not around to play in, but they'll let pros play in because they are fond of them. I totally would love to play in a tourney against some of the top pros...but there's a difference between them and the...
  4. tryhonesty07

    Professionals playing in non professional events

    funny how the people on here who are like, "dont you want to get better" or it's hardly any money" are the ones that are pros trying to clam a couple hundred bucks off of others learning. typical.
  5. tryhonesty07

    Good ball cleaner machine, but not to expensive?

    Um....what about he corners being the same as the smart table now? pocket liner material? Since I got your attention...whats the cost of the single drum diamond ball polisher shipped? If you know...
  6. tryhonesty07

    Good ball cleaner machine, but not to expensive?

    Speaking of Diamond and the video on they're website that doesnt work... they need a new website bad. I noticed that they dont even have samples of the dymondwood options that are available. I mean, evertime I look at that site it's worse... They don't even have a pic or info on that fancy...
  7. tryhonesty07

    What happened to all the 10ft Diamond talk?

    "as I have a way of turning a 3 piece slate back into a one piece slate" you mean doweling them? I recently put together a gabriels billards table and it was engineered with brass dowels between the slates...pretty slick.
  8. tryhonesty07

    Custom Pool Room

    Oak plywood might as well be a veneer, it's only real on the outside.
  9. tryhonesty07

    Custom Pool Room

    Im an architect and pool player and plan on doing the same type of room when I finally settle down, but a couple of questions. Why did you need fans in the room if you have the proper ventilation and air exchange? Also, from a design standpoint you should have went with clerestory windows that...
  10. tryhonesty07

    What happened to all the 10ft Diamond talk?

    I havent really been on AZ much, but I remember talk about 4 diamond pro ams being made in the 10 foot configuration. what ever happened to that?
  11. tryhonesty07

    14.1 Video (Part III)

    nice socks.
  12. tryhonesty07

    Gabriels Billiard Table Installer Needed(Denver)

    talked to that shane guy, said he'd do it, then went MIA for over a month. Bought a machinist level and did it myself! Turned out great.
  13. tryhonesty07

    Congrats To Bangkok Player Tomoo Takano!

    No matter where he plays "out of" hes a japanese player. If this wasnt the case, people would say the american player, mika immonen. lol
  14. tryhonesty07

    hours per week and best run?

    playing for 5 yrs, started 14.1 in Jan. Play 8-10 hr a week have run 93, I try to get over 42 everyday. Great game!
  15. tryhonesty07

    Q: Is a Gold Crown or Diamond too heavy for a bonus room?

    "Pick a plan" This is why Architects, like myself, struggle to find work. People are satisfied with generic designs that save a buck. Which are usually designed poorly from a users standpoint, I know, I used to be paid to build em! Get your own plan designed with the spaces that actually...
  16. tryhonesty07

    Southwest on Ebay....$30K

    He couldnt throw in free shipping?? fml.
  17. tryhonesty07

    Dear AZB Moderator

    great ideas, especially the later.
  18. tryhonesty07

    WTB Table <$400

    You can't even get a good table set up for that price....your budget is that small, but you wont take an Olhausen. lol :grin-square:
  19. tryhonesty07

    WANTED 14.1 DVD's

    I'm looking for the high run videos that schmidt and harriman put out, maybe used for a reasonable price. thanks
  20. tryhonesty07

    ob1 for P2

    As noted, Im looking for a uniloc OB-1 with the P2 ringwork. thanks.