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  1. WGDave

    "Caption This" for November

    Seriously, I am not a camera whore! or, Not being nosey, just being a bit of a camera whore.
  2. WGDave

    ln search of GC3 Pro 8 top rails

    Why don't you out the guy? It is likely that someone here has had dealings with the same guy.
  3. WGDave

    Rasson vs Diamond Tables

    You got to love Diamond's up to date page for its Pro/AM. How many years ago was it the Dymondwood factory burn down?
  4. WGDave

    It's "Caption This" time again.

    You can leave your hat on Reminds me of this photo which is on my billiards art favorite list.
  5. WGDave

    Where is the love for inaugural Predator Canada 10 Ball Open (17-21 Aug)? Winner gets $25K

    Maybe it is the vax mandates? We're seeing it with MLB baseball teams not sending their full normal roster up to Toronto because the players do not have up to date vax shots.
  6. WGDave

    Coming together for a forum member having a rough time

    Sorry for your loss, Sev. As we have discussed, whatever you need, just ask.
  7. WGDave

    Clash Steel Pro Tables?

    It is because thicker slate is stiffer and will not flex as much.
  8. WGDave

    ESPN 30 for 30 on Jeanette Lee.

    Make sure for your work, the "Fatboy Approved" logo is aired on ESPN in the credits. ;)
  9. WGDave

    Diamond bar box

    Yes, I have not been up to California Billiards since the last pro event before Covid. Courts? Used to play there quite often before Covid. Been told that it was remodeled. The tables they had were pretty beat up; nice to hear they upgraded. The Hour Bar? Wasn’t that place Star Wars themed in...
  10. WGDave

    Diamond bar box

    You would have to go up to California Billiards to play on 7’ Diamond bar boxes. As far as I know, there are none in the South Bay. All of those tables are less than 5 years old. Not sure if they have any 9 footers.
  11. WGDave

    New butt from Mezz…

    Yes, that is exactly what it will be, a three piece cue.
  12. WGDave

    Buying Diamonds at tournament's

    Just Archer's Place to my knowledge. How many tables does Diamond build in a year?
  13. WGDave

    Predator pants?

    Next year, wear a pair of Diamond Billiards Products pants with an ‘Our Tables Roll Straight’ written across your ass. Full exposure on every shot. Although, that would probably cost you more than a game. :cool:
  14. WGDave

    Buying Diamonds at tournament's

    As Sev has shown, monikers can be changed. That tattoo though, it is forever.
  15. WGDave

    Buying Diamonds at tournament's

    Your wife liked the Laverne & Shirley look, eh? Give me a PRO/AM any day over an old GC, especially the no longer made Rosewood Dymondwood variety.
  16. WGDave

    Buying Diamonds at tournament's

    Los Angeles is expensive, but it still doesn’t beat the Bay Area for cost of living.
  17. WGDave

    WORLD 10 BALL CHAMPIONSHIP (28March-1April2022), Las Vegas, Winner $60K

    Thanks for the correction.
  18. WGDave

    WORLD 10 BALL CHAMPIONSHIP (28March-1April2022), Las Vegas, Winner $60K

    Tevez lost his mojo after he hung the 10 ball mid final. Could have gone up two games.
  19. WGDave

    Billiard supply chain is getting BAD