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    Balabushka cues made in japan ! are they any good and worth the money ?

    25th booze free?!?!?! Fuck yeah! Congratulations! I've been looking for an Adam Bushka for a while (the old stock eBay ones as posted on here) and ironically, my 6th year sober is around the corner and I was saving up to splurge ($400usd is a massive amount for me) but life happens, lol...
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    There is a First Time for Everything-a surprise with my recent cue purchase Here

    Is this an old stock, unmarked (except with a sticker) Adam's Bushka? I've been sooooo freaking close to picking one of these up. Can I ask, if it is the old stock Adam, how is the hit ? And what would you compare it to?
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    New cloth

    Sir, if you say it's good, that's good enough for me 😁
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    Extensions and More Extensions

    Uniloc butt to radial shaft, how much with shipping to Canada? (Alberta) Thanks
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    Interesting Table

    Probably the same way glass around hockey rinks handle pucks that smack into them going 80mph. So, pretty well with the occasional shatter 😂 I'd be more curious about english/spin of the cue ball.
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    Sending my cue back to meucci (known black hole) for cues.

    I think op was more referring to the wrap, not the tip.
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    Break tip ban

    I use a G10 on my jump cue, hard leather tip on my break cue. If Im going to use a 3 piece (jump/break) White diamond is the way to go.
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    Some cheap stuff

    No worries. Thanks
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    Some cheap stuff

    Would you sell the Schmelke butt by itself (to Canada)? Thanks
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    Wood or carbon?

    I use a "wood" (in quotes because the shaft does have a carbon rod/tube inside) shaft when on a 7ft Diamond (or any 7ft that plays on the faster side with proper rails) I'll swap to a carbon shaft when on a 9ft or a slower playing table (slower cloth, Valley table at the pub, etc) For when I...
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    Earl for next MC Captain............................

    I 100% would love to see Earl as the Captin, but, with an Asst Captain. Someone to keep him in check (as much as one could) Earl has a fire in his belly for pool, and winning. And I think that type of energy, mixed in the the crowd, would be great for team USA. Or go full bonkers and make...
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    Who can make my shaft with a pro taper?

    Would possibly getting a partial shaft and sending it off to get it to the taper you want, as well as the matching ring work. You could have the original shaft untouched and also have the shaft you'd want. (Og could be a spare or go nicely if/when you retire this cue , or sell it)
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    Are these still in play?
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    New cloth

    This is good to know as I was just thinking about redoing my home table with Strachen.
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    CSI/Predator Michigan Open (Men/Women) 10 Ball (21-24Sep)

    Yeah, less bullets flying around ;) IMO, it truly is the format and its a shame.
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    CSI/Predator Michigan Open (Men/Women) 10 Ball (21-24Sep)

    Yeah, it's not like Calgary and Edmonton, AB isn't a hour and a half away... The truth is, no one in this area wanted to play the format.
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    Flat pool racks

    I use both a template (flat rack as OP called them) and the binder re-enforcemnt tabs to create a "permanent rack". The reason, when the cloth is new and using a template (or any other rack, as long as the head spot is the exact same) will create divets in the cloth (AKA training the table)...
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    Carbon Fiber shaft question

    Here's a question for all carbon shaft owners... is the shaft completely smooth/round? Or can you feel lines/ridges around the shaft, almost like it was compressed and becoming oval shaped? I've tried a couple and have noticed this on some, but not all. Just wondering if this is common, or...
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    Now that the Predator Canadian Event is over...what do you think?

    The only thing I dislike is the format. In my opinion (which is worth about $0.02) I'd rather a 2 set race to 5, with a single rack tie breaker (in place of the shout out) with lag for break. Or.... 1 set, race to 7 with winner break gets the break. Last 16 race to 9 with winners break...