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    Gabriels replacement parts

    What makes you think a Rasson is more stable than a Pro-Am? Or a Gabriel for that matter? I'm genuinely curious. Niels is now using a Prostar table which looks like a GC copy.
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    Matchroom live replay??

    Matchroom live
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    I played on Predator cloth. I liked it.

    I've wondered if it was actually made by Simonis as predator doesn't really make much of their own products.
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    Cue Raffles

    Carlo Favretto runs 2 good groups as well. One for production cues and one for customs.
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    weird chalk drop foul (snooker)

    Round chalk isn't new. I've seen some pretty old round chalk , older than me (41) .
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    Isn't there an option for the buyer to pay the fee instead of the seller?
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    Tap or Template?

    I've seen videos of tapped tables that messed with slow rolling balls as well. They must of been tapped pretty deep. But if you think about it the digits created by tapping need to be as deep as the thickness of the template rack otherwise it wouldn't hold the ball in place.
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    Pete Tonkin Screwed Me

    Blaming the victim huh? This guy was selling other cues but refused to deliver to people who already paid.
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    Giveaway Signs of Beginner / Recreational Players

    We got an old guy in his 90's that plays with us some , he gets upset every time someone doesn’t put the 1 ball at the top of the 8 ball rack.
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    Joint protectors?

    Thanks ordered a set
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    My new Jim Pierce.

    Here is the Jim Pierce I just received. The first picture I took . The others were the ones I was given before it shipped.
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    Joint protectors?

    Who makes a reasonably price 3/8×11 joint protector. Only really need the male end. Can find 3/8×10 but not 3/8×11. Thanks
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    Pool table question!

    Ya they have a fairly big pockets. The ones I was going to look at I was going to get cheap enough that I was going to attempt extending the sub rails to tighten the pockets . My father is a carpenter/cabinet maker so we thought it might be a nice project. I've been keeping an eye out here in...
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    Pool table question!

    They were Palason's the owner of the place had lost or let go of the Dooly's franchise but still owned the tables and run it as a pool hall and bar. He ended up closing because of Covid. Another Dooly's 30 minutes away bought them all after he told the manager to advertise them. The manager had...
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    Pool table question!

    I almost bought 2 for 300ea from a Dooly's that was closing. I knew I was going to do some work to them though, like all new cushions and cloth. Had confirmed I wanted them but he decided to sell them all to another location as a package deal as he had 14. They claim to be Canadian made...
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    Pool table question!

    Not many on here know Pallason tables as they are a Canadian table. The Dooleys pool halls all used them. I played a fair bit on 9ft ones and they played alright to me. The cloth can be replaced. I'm not sure about taking it off and reinstalling it. I would think once it's stretched it's stretched.
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    which are the latest most popular cue tips?

    Seems to be alot of talk about the Taom tips especially the Fusion.
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    Not an APA rule question

    Table is still open if you didn't make a ball after the break doesn't matter what went down on the break.
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    Remove SuperPad interior, replace with Tubes?

    What's wrong with the padded interior . I prefer them to hard tubes.
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    Shafts to fit a Pechauer joint

    Whyte Carbon and Bull Carbon both have interchangeable joints that would probably fit if you know what the cues joint is.