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  1. Nonyamuff

    I watched part of an APA league stream

    I just will never understand why what I play with is someone else's concern. I'm a APA 5, tried a few CF shafts and realized I didn't really like them. Now if the lower level players complain that they didn't get better after getting one...I'll point out the "it's the indian, not the arrow"...
  2. Nonyamuff

    Josey 6 point 1999

    pm'd :)
  3. Nonyamuff

    Sold Pechauer Rogue 12.4

    Monday bump.
  4. Nonyamuff

    Sold Pechauer Rogue 12.4

    Bumpity. I'm also looking for Predator cat 314 shafts in 5/16x14, in the 12.5 - 12.7mm range. Silver ring preferred.
  5. Nonyamuff

    Sold Pechauer Rogue 12.4

    I cannot answer that with full honesty. I do know this is fully threaded. I think the JP joints are not threaded for the first portion.
  6. Nonyamuff

    Sold Pechauer Rogue 12.4

  7. Nonyamuff

    Sold Pechauer Rogue 12.4

    Pechauer Rogue 12.4 in 5/16x14 with a new Kamui tan medium. Asking $350 or would possibly trade for a nice Schon butt...or a Predator LE-V from the 90's...or maybe a cool 5/16x14 butt. Willing to add $ for the right trade.
  8. Nonyamuff

    Sold Rare Schon R10 For Sale

    This is nice. GLWS.
  9. Nonyamuff

    Elk antler ferrule sealing

    Thank you sir for the info.
  10. Nonyamuff

    Elk antler ferrule sealing

    Good morning all. I have a friend that does tips and ferrules. There is a gentleman wanting him to install an elk antler ferrule. Is there any special way to go about sealing that material? Thank you for your time.
  11. Nonyamuff

    MAKO cue tips have you tried them?
  12. Nonyamuff


    Is that the Krown Cues guy?
  13. Nonyamuff

    My inner Earl

    The issue I have with those is while I may not hear others talk...I'll hear myself think...that's more distracting lol.
  14. Nonyamuff

    F/S - New Schon Ltd

    Very nice...GLWS...wish it could be me lol.
  15. Nonyamuff

    Cuetec Cynergy shaft, new

    I just received my Cynergy and the tip was flared out above the black layer. You could see the difference from under the black layer and above it. I have tried burnishing it but from that layer up seems to "fluff" so to speak. It's probably getting replaced anyway.
  16. Nonyamuff

    OB Carbon Fiber - June 3rd

    So it's OBs take on a McDermott iPro...? " The iPRO shaft have a Octadic Laminated Shaft Construction features eight spliced pieces of premium maple that are bonded together to form our most radial consistent shaft yet. The i-Pro’s Triple-Layer Carbon Fiber Core extends the full-length of the...
  17. Nonyamuff

    2011 Coker Custom w/ 2 shafts

    Nice Coker built in 2011. 58" with a 29/29 split. Not sure if individual weights of butt and shafts but total weight is between 19 - 19.5oz. This is a player so there are some small dings and scratches, nothing through the clear. Any questions or for more pictures IM me. Asking $SOLD, is...
  18. Nonyamuff

    What would you do for "Pool" if you hit the lottery?

    Invest in the streaming community. Would also try to start school pool teams. I'm not sure if bringing back a pro tour would be doable, but I would try.
  19. Nonyamuff

    Is $350 a good price on this cue

    Does anyone know what model this is? I had one just like it back in the late 90's and sold it. Have been looking for another but cannot find the model anywhere.
  20. Nonyamuff

    It had better stop right now

    Brad's wife would have got that for you...