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  1. jwe711

    Universal Tip Centralizer

    Need a couple... Hello Olaf, Do you have these in stock...? your PM's are full...! Please give me a shout, Thanks!
  2. jwe711

    What's in your JB Case? - WIN A CASE.

    Thanks John... Hey John... It was good talking to you again, and I really appreciate your attention to detail on this case... Thank You, jwe
  3. jwe711

    who make good custom sneaky pete for 300-400 dollars?

    Al Romero from Hardtimes
  4. jwe711

    Does Tad Cues(Fred Kohara) do refinishing?

    call Tad's custom cue#714-995-1644
  5. jwe711

    *-*-* Gtf's, Mezz Dual force J/b, 1st Gen predator specked out *-*-*

    Love the Tooled Case...!!!!!!!!!
  6. jwe711

    Jb case.

    Hey John... Any idea of when I might get my case...??? I would love to hear from you...!!!!!!!
  7. jwe711

    LF -- Meucci Shaft w/ this collar

    I'm hoping to find a shaft that matches this's a plain jane collar... I'd like it to be very straight and between 12.75 and 13 mm's. Please PM me, if you have one that any of you might sell to me...!!! Thanks jwe
  8. jwe711

    WTS: James White bumperless Hoppe Sneaky

    Yep, I'd keep it too...!!!
  9. jwe711

    Jet Lag Sale

    PM Sent...... Thanks !!!
  10. jwe711

    Stuff we are working on

    Hey John, Any progress on my case... Please let me know...!!! Thanks, jwe711
  11. jwe711

    Bringing Your Own Tip To Cuemaker

    I charge 10 to put on their tip, and if it's a tip I carry in stock, I give it a full warranty...but if it's not a regular stock item, then, I don't offer a warranty, but, I've got a really good record of tips not coming off...(thanks to Ron Geyer, Joe Blackburn, and Steve Lomax and several...
  12. jwe711

    Cleaning the shop again

    PM sent.......
  13. jwe711

    RAYJAY - Passing of

    Rest in Peace My Friend, we'll have our match up there when I catch up to you Prayers to your family and close friends...!!!
  14. jwe711

    LF Tad Shafts!

    Tad Shaft...??? Not to tread on you're thread, but... If you find one that's 12.75 mm or very near..., Straight, and Ivory, then I'm on the same hunt... Preferably 4 oz...or very near... Good Luck
  15. jwe711

    AZ Billiards T- Shirts

    I'm still in for a couple...maybe 3...if the price is right... I like 1-Black an 2-Navy Blue...Large. if and when they come out...hopefully in a couple colors...LOL... jwe
  16. jwe711

    Want to Trade or buy Bullets...

    I'm searching for some ammo... I've got cash, or if you have a substantial supply, I've got plenty of cues to work with... In particular, Federal Hy-dra Shocks, in a .380 cal. Please communicate with me via PM, and I'll get back to all who respond... I'd prefer the boxes of 50, but the boxes...
  17. jwe711

    Congrats To Jeremy Sossei Winner of Predator Tourny @ Steinway

    Hello Jeremy...!!! Way to go Jeremy, Great Job... I met you at the Southern Classic...bought the BK2 from you... You're a great guy and excellent player...Keep up the Strong Play...!!!
  18. jwe711

    $$$$$~~~~~>> F/t Monster Pfd Cue <<~~~~~$$$$$

    I met Denny around 5 years ago at his pool hall in Phoenix, he was a really cool dude, I asked him what kind of cue he was playing with, he said an old schon...I said BS...and then he told me it was a Gus...(and it was a BIG GUS)... He then let me play with it for the next 2 hours, and then he...
  19. jwe711

    We Lost Tommie 1351

    Rest in Peace Tommy, and my condolences to all your family and friends. Prayers to all...!!!
  20. jwe711

    Venom Trickshots OMG!!

    I'd like to know what kind of jump cue and masse' cue he's, that I could get one of each and try to do them kind of shots... I'm sure I'd be amazed if I actually made one...LOL...