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    Who makes the best wooden shafts?

    So I have tiger x shafts, both the original branded and 1st generation Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Pressing cue tips

    lol... humorous thread. I can appreciate pressing a layered tip. A ton of people i know, don't press... but they do cut half of the tip away to make it shoot the way they want. so shouldn't they get 1/2 their money back LOL... If you want to try it, try it... it is your money to spend. I...
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    Who makes the best wooden shafts?

    There are many who use quality wood, turn it gradually and produce a good shaft. At the end of the day, it’s about identifying a taper you like that works for you without thinking… Let’s not forget ferrule and tip combination. For me, durbin, bob Danielson, some older tigers, dpk, jacoby...
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    Tigers Cf shaft. Anyone used it

    So I have a Fortis pro (as does a friend of mine)... when I first got it, wasn't so sure I'd like it. I had shot with my friend's (which I liked) and it shot rather differently. I took some time and 'beat' the tip in... breaking, playing harder than I normally do to get the tip to settle...
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    OB cues shut down?

    not beating up OB, never personally bought one of their products, but have shot with a few and thought they were decent. However, to be honest... I've known of quite a few custom makers who when you order a shaft... your request for a particular shaft diameter they must consider it a...
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    3 3/4” corners?

    my mechanic told me the same thing... as it gets tighter, angles need to change.
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    *** off the market ***

    Bump :)
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    *** off the market ***

    Yes the dunkel is still available
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    *** off the market ***

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    No jump cue allowed

    Always been fond of the rule where your opponent snookers you, jump cue allowed... you snooker yourself, keep using that full length cue :) my rationale, the opponent safes you... you have every opportunity (and legal equipment) to get out of it... you do it to yourself, suck it up !! -Joe
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    RIP Curtis Roberson

    Ugh... i never got the chance to actually hit a ball with Curtis, but one of my regular playing cues is one i purchased from him a few years ago at a Super Billiards Expo... every year after, i stopped to talk with him and ask how things were going... He made a fantastic cue. He was a better...
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    2020 Champion of Champions question

    That’s insane... she reset the clock. Talk about getting jobbed. I wondered if he even asked to have the ball cleaned, he seemed surprised when the reg came to the table (to me). I thought the momentum shifted a bit after it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    2020 Champion of Champions question

    was watching hte Champion of Champions event Day 1 Chang, Jung Lin vs. Yang, Ching Shun Does anyone know what the foul call was at the 1hr48M mark I can't figure it out. Thanks!
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    What triangle is the best rack for one pocket ,straight pool

    Bought a delta-13 elite with sound deadeners (leather inserts) for the club works great.... For my house i bought a he puts purple heart inserts inside to keep the wood from wearing... not cheap, but racks great!!
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    Super Billiards Expo 2019, nearly all amateur events sold out?

    Interesting... Since the space the 1p tables were... was empty last year! Joe Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Super Billiards Expo 2019, nearly all amateur events sold out?

    I’d guess the scheduling issues with the 1p and length of the matches were more the issue. It was a limited field to begin with and always had problems if they players were in the open /pro event. The 3cushion was not run by allen. It was there last year, but not on the website. Haven’t heard...
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    Jeff Bell Custom cue pin size

    I have a Jeff bell cue, it is 3/8-10... Joe Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Looking for the best Pool ball rack

    2 funny Almost didn't reply to this super old thread that was revived... but i gotta say, you owe it to yourself to try these... Awesome sauce :) -Joe
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    Shooting Hard vs Shooting Soft

    how you learned Interesting thread... i agree with a whole bunch of what has been said. For me personally, one of the drills i did continuously when i was first learning was pocket speed... now i took that to mean just dropping the ball into the pocket. Oh, how i wish i had taken that to mean...