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  1. Balance

    Lucky enough to get a third Searing

    Congrats Dan, 2 half joint searing cues collected in your packet. I have been searched for 5 yrs but can't get one. Nice collection. Balance
  2. Balance

    Amazing Tooled Cases - Made in China!!

    He lives in Taiwan Tainan. All his cue cases are incredible great hand work. Balance
  3. Balance

    Murrell, Olney and Spitz for Sale/Trade - Nice wood!

    Jive's Olney cue had been sold for a period of time. Balance
  4. Balance

    Late 70's Gus Szamboti Window Cue

    It might be the one I owned 2yrs ago. It is gorgeous and solid playability. Congrats Balance
  5. Balance

    Amazing Cue from China...

    The cue maker had ever been live in Taiwan and moved to China 2 or 3 yrs ago. He moved a big step in construction techniques and inlaid. His work make me incredible in this yr, especially the totally combination of every parts of the cues. Balance
  6. Balance

    John Showman 1994

    Nice Pick-up Rod, You got a nice showman and seems to be a super showman fan. Ivory Joints & Butt/ awesome veneer color combination. Congrats and have a great collection cue. Balance
  7. Balance

    ** South West ** A few SouthWest cues available

    Chady, You did before I want to tell him.
  8. Balance

    Greater Northeast Cue Show & Tourney

    Kenny, Looks so great and many awesome gems are here. Hope I can attend and say hello to all Azers.:) Balance
  9. Balance

    Box Points

    This is my dream cue indeed. Can't move my eye on it. Balance
  10. Balance

    CMD's New Case

    This must be the top 3 of my favorite case. Simple is difficult. Nothing beat owning the case in person. I think my searing should has a great home like CMD said. Congrats to Rusty & CMD. Balance
  11. Balance

    Haley 5 Point

    Ron Haley cues are always my favorite. Great veneers combination and classic design. It looks awesome!! Congrats Balance
  12. Balance

    WTB Jeff Olney cues

    Thanks for sharing. It's beautiful. All Original condition from Jeff Olney is my best choice cuz I don't know hitting performance difference between original. Balance
  13. Balance

    WTB Jeff Olney cues

    3/8 10 wood to wood joints will be ok,but must have ivory ferrules
  14. Balance

    WTB Jeff Olney cues

    New condition/ 2 Ivory ferrules shafts/ all straight shafts and butt/ must be 58 inches Prefer 5/16 14 pilot or ivory joint Willing to buy over 2 cues at least Please pm the pics and price Thanks Balance
  15. Balance

    WTB 1/2 SS Dennis searing cue

    Full pilot joint or ivory joint Dennis searing cues will be interested. Please send me pm if you want to sell. Balance
  16. Balance

    WTB 1/2 SS Dennis searing cue

    Still keep searching half stainless steel Dennis searing cue. Cash for someone want to sell. Balance
  17. Balance

    WTB 1/2 SS Dennis searing cue

    Anyone have 1/2 SS joint (not quick release joint) for sell. Still looking. Balance
  18. Balance

    WTB 1/2 SS Dennis searing cue

    WTB 58" 1/2 SS Dennis Searing cue. Please PM me all spec and conditions, and price you ask for. I also have a ultra rare 1991 Tulipwood base Fancy Southwest to trade. 2 Original 1991 southwest shafts (12.9mm & 12.7mm). All straight. Just refresh from Southwest. Length : 58" Original micarta...
  19. Balance

    My favorite Gus

    It's tough to find such perfect Gus Szamboti cue,love all design & butt inlay.Everything is perfect! Congrats! Balance
  20. Balance

    My left over fire wood

    How great the fire Haley is! I love it. Balance