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    Nashville/Gulf Shores Ala

    There's a place in Foley called the Office Lounge. If you're in Gulf Shores just head north on Hwy. 59. It's about 10 mins. or so from GS. They've also opened up a new place called the Billiard Club around the same area, I've never been there but I hear it's nice. Now if you just want drink...
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    Pool Power Shot System

    Not sure what the problem is but I'm having a terrible time posting a PM, I know at this point it's turning into a pain but I'll just post my address here if you still have it. Unless you have a better option. Again my apologies.
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    Pool Power Shot System

    I sent a PM but when I checked my sent messages it didn't show a message. Did I make it in time? Let me know if I need to resend my address.
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    Hello guys, first post on the site (been reading awhile) and I was wondering if y'all knew of any instructors in the south Alabama area. This is my first session in the APA (SL5) and I'm sure I have a ton of flaws as far as fundamentals. I'm really enjoying playing but know I could be better by...