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    Unusual/weird/unique billiard tools and implements

    Tom Rossman (Dr. Cue) had a trick cue that had a spring loaded shaft. He cocked it by sliding the shaft into the butt of the cue where it locked and released it by pushing a button on the side of the cue. The shaft then shot forward striking the cue ball. I got to try it a few times. It was...
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    Predator extension - stuck - any ideas for a quick fix?

    A couple of options: 1. get a pair of cannon plug pliers (used on connectors in the aircraft industry) Google shows several examples - not expensive. They have replaceable plastic jaws. 2. wrap several turns of duct tape or a piece of rubber fuel line around the threads to protect them and use...
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    Question about vision after Cataract surgery with lens implants

    I had cataract surgery on both eyes in 2012; with about a month between the first eye and second. For me, I could see much better right away, but I did have some distortion at first. This was most noticeable at night when driving. It turned out (for me) that it took some time for my eyes to...
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    Looking for a custom cue? Contact Bob Owen AKA Shurts Custom Cues - Wichita Ks.
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    Dr. Dave 2021 PBIA Instructor of the Year

    Congratulations Dr. Dr. Dave - well deserved for sure. I too have learned much from your videos; thanks.
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    flyrv9 USAF 1969 - 1973.
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    Saddest Day of my Life: My Twin Brother Willis Passed Away

    My condolences Mr. Prout. May you find solace in your memories of your Brother.
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    Bad Deal with engineman76/William Crosby

    I have 2005 Shurtz cue similar to the one pictured. I bought it new from Shurtz at their shop here in Wichita in November of 2005. At that time they always had a few cues for sale in a rack near the counter. Bob is so busy making cues to order I doubt he has time to make cues for general sale...
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    Dr Dave public thank you

    Dr Dave - thanks for creating a place for all of us to learn - a virtual library it is. Hats off to you sir...
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    RIP Michael Andros...We'll miss you!

    Sorry to hear this sad news. My condolences to his friends and family.
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    Then perhaps you're lucky with a simple solution. I had shoulder replacement surgery in Feb. No pool for about 7 months - started playing again in Sept and doing well.
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    Correcting "wrong eye dominance" possible?

    There isn't anything you can do to train your eye to be dominant. Wearing a patch won't work because after about age 5 your eyes are hardwired to your brain and other than some vision correction via glasses or contacts or some surgeries there isn't anything you can do to change things. That's...
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    5 out of 4 people have trouble with fractions!
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    Table/ Room Question

    What if you turned the table 90 degrees and moved it away from the end wall a bit. Then the bar corner would be the only issue. One thing I did when deciding if a 9 footer would fit in my basement is I made a frame out of PVC the same size as the playing area. I placed it around my 7' table and...
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    RIP Club Billiards.....

    I agree this is a sad time for Wichita pool. I live in the area and played there weekly until my surgery in Feb. It was a great place to play both league and nightly tournaments. I hope it will make a comeback.
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    Dean in the hospital

    Glad to hear the news is good, Dean. Here's to a speedy recovery and more racks ahead.
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    Dean in the hospital

    Sorry to hear this. Wishing Dean a speedy recovery. Pizza will probably be off the menu now. Time to switch to something healthy - like steak or lobster!
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    Any idea?

    On my Joss there is a number engraved on the chrome part of the joint - same looking joint as in your pic. Since it was a pawn shop purchase, I wanted to know what model it was and the value. I emailed Joss and they supplied me with the model and build date. With that info, I did a little more...
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    Cataract Surgery

    I had both eyes done in 2012. Like others have said - it went well and something I'd recommend. I've worn glasses most of my life and still do. Any lens correction can only do so much. I did a couple types of drops for a week or so before the first surgery and for a couple of weeks after the...
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    Starting treatment on Monday

    Best of luck to you sir; for a quick and complete recovery.