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    What has happened to Billiards Gloves?

    buy a 12 pack of cheap china-made gloves for $8 on alibaba, and throw them away when they get ratty
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    Where is the 626?

    do people actually think this makes a difference? willie set the record in 1954 after playing straight pool just about every single day since the great war ended if we follow that logic, then we must conclude that john schmidt's run is even MORE impressive because he had at least ten fewer...
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    Where is the 626?

    yeah he was a celebrity I don't like basketball all that much, but if Shaq and MJ were playing 21 for charity at the Garden, hell yeah I'd go see that.
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    Keep Smaller Tips Rounder

    Thanks for this!
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    Ki-Tech vs Techno-Dud

    they're like homemade milk duds but more expensive
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    Krown Cue - FTC Complaint - Customers Getting Restless

    I'll bring the popcorn. edit: here is her original post dated May 23 at 6:39 PM
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    Lathe for Basic Maintenance saw this at the expo, and it seems like a good tool if you're only interested in doing tips, shaft cleaning and maybe a ferrule. I have no personal experience owning or using it, however I saw Jude change 100+ tips with the thing over the weekend without issue so that...
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    Pad under tip

    Yeah they're kinda gaudy :confused:
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    Pad under tip

    Fair point! I suppose I could just get rid of the "not really" :grin-square: I only noticed the dampening when using very hard tips, like wb or a triangle dud—and it was pretty minor. Anything softer than that, and I couldn't feel nor hear any difference (I typically play with medium-pressed...
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    question about revos and kicking

    why do people assume that the best players are automatically the most knowledgeable about every facet of the game? especially nerd stuff like physics and stats they are masters of execution, not math
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    question about revos and kicking

    cool, but don't go around telling people that your opinions are fact
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    Any pro plays with 13mm shaft?

    I assume people think "smaller tip = smaller target" but idk if there's any merit to that. Seems right, but that means nothing lol.
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    John Barton us open ban

    3x6 probably
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    REWARD + GoFundMe Acct. to catch Mike Surber's murderer

    Confirmed not to be the guy. Dude got witch-hunted. I hope this doesn't happen again in the future.
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    Dime or Nickle?

    so work on your stroke?
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    Pad under tip

    not really might soften up the hit of a very hard tip, but that's an edge case at best
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    Dust Pickup for Metal Lathe

    depending on the cost, I'd buy one too
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    Dime or Nickle?

    they both give the same spin on a pool cue you won't see a difference until the tip is under like 9-10mm source: math
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    Cue repair in MA/RI?

    edit: nevermind!
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    Jump Cue ... info needed.

    Never tried dymondwood I see :) Those things weigh as much as a playing cue.