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    roller bridge

    Legal in CSI/BCAPL/USAPL play. While I can't speak specifically to other rule sets, I don't see any reason that it would be illegal under World Standardized Rules. Buddy
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    What are the current WPA 8 Ball Rules?

    Actually Bob, the main thought behind the CSI change was that it would speed up matches. Looking forward to seeing you in Vegas next month! 🙂 Buddy
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    Rules Question

    The OP situation is addressed in CSI/BCAPL/USAPL rules under Applied Ruling 1-14, Racking Procedures: To ensure play is not delayed, an undue amount of time shall not be spent attempting to put out a perfect rack if the apex ball will not stay exactly on the foot spot. If the apex ball...
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    Do these rules seem confusing to anyone ?

    Here's a (theoretically) practical example of taking advantage of the lack of a requirement in WSR to touch a cushion or ball on or past the head string before contacting a ball behind the head string. In a 14.1 game, Player A has just scratched. Playing the ball behind the head string offers...
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    Making Eyeglasses Pool Friendly

    Hmmm...trying to figure out if you owe me royalties. 🤪 When did you make that? Seriously though, I posted a slightly more detailed version of your optometrist process in 2010. My name just doesn't carry much weight 😁😁 I think it covers everything you mentioned, and adds a few extra details...
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    Rule for adjusting table during the match

    In CSI play, foul under Rule 1-2-2: "During a match, it is a foul if you attempt to modify provided equipment without the permission of a referee or event official. The foul occurs immediately upon the attempt, regardless of whether a stroke or shot is attempted." Close enough to the specific...
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    12 Ways to AIM WITH A POOL CUE

    A little insight on the CSI rule for those who might be curious: Not just "now", but ever since 2007 with the introduction of the original edition of the CSI (then BCAPL) rule set. The reason for the departure from the WSR requirement to keep a hand on the cue was twofold. First, the...
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    How do you heat your pool room ?

    I am at 16 x 21. A $70 1500 watt oil bath circulation heater has worked perfectly for me for 3 years and counting during the winter and the same for a 110V 5000 btu GE window unit in summer. Do not underestimate the power of the oil circulation units. The addition of climate control with...
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    Is there a rule....

    In CSI/BCAPL/USAPL play the OP situation is specifically covered in CSI Applied Ruling 1-49-1 Situation 1, diagram included. The ball is treated the same as any other hanging ball that falls during a shot. Therefore, by rule, the ball is not legally pocketed, and based on the circumstances of...
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    Simonis X-1 table cleaner

    3 years in, regular
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    Stick on table for alignment

    Not in CSI/BCAPL/USAPL play. It is legal under CSI rules.
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    Situation - You Make the Call

    If, by "BCA" you mean BCAPL rules, then CSI Applied Ruling for Combination Shots, Situation 1 and Figure 10-4 apply. The shot is defined by CSI rules as a combination shot. If it was not overtly called before the shot then Player A does not get credit for the shot and it is Player B's shot...
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    Double hit question I haven't found in WPA rules

    Let Newton solve your problem You won't normally find specific situations like your OP in rule sets because the variables of ball position and the action of the cue stick as wielded by the player are virtually infinite and definitely unpredictable. To write a rule covering every possible...
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    APA, BCAPL, VNEA, WPA rule differences

    Dave, it should read "If an illegal impeding ball moves...". It is not a foul to move a legal impeding ball. CSI Rule 1-34-2. Buddy
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    Rules Question / Also A WWYD?

    The applicable CSI rule is 1-49-2: If a ball that is frozen to the cue ball moves as the cue ball leaves its original position on a shot, whether or not it was moved by the cue ball or settled on its own is determined solely by the referee's judgment. While WSR 1.7 addresses balls settling it...
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    Hypothetical 8 Ball Question

    I can say for certain that our intent was that it would not be legal in CSI play. It was simply not a case we considered when writing. The 8-Ball Crazy Scenario Train stopped one station short of that situation. *** EDIT *** Sorry, brain was out to lunch on the reasoning previously...
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    New Color of Money Tattoo!

    A different choice Nice work!! My TCOM choice was a frame from the montage - the HSV clip of the shot of chalk exploding off the tip. It's the centerpiece on my back, about 6 x 12, three sessions worth. Still looking not to bad after 14 years...
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    rule question

    Not sure where you got this, but it sounds obsolete. There is no longer any such thing as "BCA" rules...this sounds like a very old version of WSR, or pre-1998 rules.
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    rule question

    If everyone would just slow down a little please... As it has been observed different leagues have different scoring systems, so the correct answer to the OP situation depends entirely on the league. There simply is no single answer covering everything. In many leagues ball count determines...