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    Delaminated Tip

    Sometimes certain tip tools can cause this. Like others have stated heat during install or moisture like wetting edges like some people do to burnish the tip, can cause delamination also.
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    A bit about me and my 35yr roundabout journey to a custom cue

    Good choice. you will like the carmeli. I own a few and they are consistent from cue to cue.
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    Any word from Dennis Searing....

    He is not slandering a cuemaker. He is just telling it how it is.
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    Where's Glen Hancock (Therealkingcobra)?!?

    It seemed that most people used to respect this guy. What happened to that?
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    Revo 12.4 tapper

    When will the 12.4 be available in more joints? Anyone in the know?
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    Predator Revo to be offered in custom configurations

    Thanks julian. Now when is the 5/16-14 going to be available in 11.8?
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    Carbon shafts and joint diameter

    Can a carbon fiber shaft be thrown on a lathe and turned down like a wood shaft? And would it mess with the finish or texture of the shaft?
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    Carbon Fiber at Mosconi Cup

    Carbon fiber tip scuffer. Lighter to save energy for your playing arm. Make 10 more balls over a long night. Of course it has to have a huge glowing neon predator logo on it. Buy it before it's back ordered until 2022.
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    Pro pool on glorious Gold Crown 6 Cushions

    I think you can all agree that both the blue label diamonds and the gold crown 6 are both very good tables. Most good players like to play on either table.
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    Shatmaster lathe

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    Shatmaster lathe

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    Who will be ready to play the same game with Shane now?

    ^ once again tin man said it perfectly.
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    John Schmidt 626 video and contact information

    Buzzo sorry but it seems john had the harder feat and the better feat. Higher number of balls on a bigger table you said it yourself. Let's see a video of the mosconi run. Lol.
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    Justin Bergman going to Mosconi Cup for Team USA

    Yeah there was a process. But here in America it is all about the money. He thinks he has a better chance at the money with Justin bottom line.
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    Pool Cue Case

    I own a Rusty Melton, jim Murnak, and use a Whitten as my current case. So I know what the interiors are like on a good case. I can assure anybody reading this that the JB cases have a very good interior in quality and design. I do not own a JB case but many people I know do. They are all happy...
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    Is SVB currently a top five "pool" player...worldwide?

    In his day. Lol. Shane is like 37. Everyone goes through ups and downs. Shane is not done winning titles.
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    Richard Black Shop Robbed

    It definitely sounds like someone who had been to the shop over those previous couple of months. It is very unlikely they would take all that risk without knowing what was in there. I would make a list of everybody who had been in the shop those last couple of months. The list would most likely...
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    Redesigning the 15 billiard balls

    There are 2 balls of each color with the stripe and solids we currently have. I don't know about 15 different colors to differentiate the balls. People already seem to have trouble with 8 colors let alone 15.
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    DD Vs. DO Roy's Basement PI rotation (61)

    So what shaft is he using?
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    Darren, Mika, etc.?

    Both are hall of famers but still struggling to make a good living off playing. Wish pool was better for players like these and so many others who truly deserve better.