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  1. libtrucker

    Any experience with DZ cues they look great. How is the build quality and the playability

    Great looking cue! That inlay almost looks like the old school Lincoln logo, me likey.
  2. libtrucker

    Player’s room in Sarasota Florida

    The Livingston's in Sarasota is on Clarke Rd, It is a big arcade, but the pool room is separate, has some decent Gold Crowns, although I haven't been there in a while. Veterans Billiards in Port Charlotte Friday and Sat Tournaments Racks in Port Charlotte - 7 brand new Diamond bar boxes (Cape...
  3. libtrucker

    Just got home from Vegas APA

    There are no open container laws in Nevada. I bought a 30 pack of Busch Light for 22 bucks, and an insulated Fanny pack that holds 4 cans. Yes, I was that guy with a pink and blue fanny pack, but it was a great way to walk around with a few cold beers
  4. libtrucker

    Any experience with DZ cues they look great. How is the build quality and the playability

    No experience with him, however I have sent him an email asking about refinishing an old titlist. He responded in a few days, and gave me some great info. He also has a YouTube channel that has many short little clips and some instructional stuff. Hes cues look great, and someday I'll get my...
  5. libtrucker

    Pre-1945 Willie Hoppe Rambow Ring price drop $ENDED NO INTREST

    yeah, im interested in this. what are you looking to get for it?
  6. libtrucker

    Finally watch POOL HALL JUNKIES, man what a stinker.

    Can an administrator please ban all the users talking shit about Poolhall Junkies please!?!?!
  7. libtrucker

    Lifting heavy weights and shooting good pool do not go together

    A guy on my team is into powerlifting. He is probably about 60 years old. Gets down and hits them pretty well. But he also NEVER plays cold, and likes to talk shit about people that just sit around until their name is called. He is an APA 6, and a strong 6 at that, we are probably both halfway...
  8. libtrucker

    met earl strickland yesterday in Albany. Videos coming

    I had the same experience. I was also the guy he would break away from the group and go talk to. He was such a great guy. The people that complain about him probably never met him. He was a class act when I saw him
  9. libtrucker

    Rick Howard Sneaky....Thoughts?

    Oh, BTW, my cue looks very similar to the cue in the link.
  10. libtrucker

    Rick Howard Sneaky....Thoughts?

    I own a Rick Howard sneaky. Birdseye maple, and Bacote. The guy I bought it from had the same cue in Birdseye, and Cocobolo, and I should have bought both. Firstly, it's a great player. I didn't want to play with my higher end stuff, so I bought this for my daily shooter, and I am so glad I...
  11. libtrucker

    Gold Crown V Feedback/Reviews?

    I don't know your location but I think I saw a BEAUTIFUL GC1 for sale in NYC on this fourum
  12. libtrucker

    The Value of NOT Playing Pool (especially when you are struggling)

    Sometimes I take a few days off to just reset my head. This week for example I was not playing up to par during league play, so I took the weekend off and skipped an expensive tournament. Hopefully I can come back in full force this week
  13. libtrucker

    Earl is coming to southern calif in august. How much will tickets be??

    I did a clinic with Earl. He is a Fantastic guy, don't let the haters persuade you otherwise. He gives good pointers, shows some cool shots, and tells some great stories. I think I paid 130 x 2 (the girlfriend went). He signs stuff and takes pictures for free, has some swag you can buy...
  14. libtrucker

    Funds acceptance question??

    also, check with your online banking. I use Ally Bank, and they offer Zelle built in for free. It works great
  15. libtrucker

    Complete list of billiard movies

    Hey, if any of you get the chance to see Walkaway Joe, skip it, the movie is fucking atrocious. What a major letdown, Redbox.......
  16. libtrucker

    Tip shape and size

    I always ask for my tips to be cut to a dime radius, and my cue guy never does it....:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: So the first thing I do when I get the shaft back is shape it how I like it. I have quite a few shapers, but right now the one I am using and really like is the LITSPED (sp??) that I got on...
  17. libtrucker

    New Aramith pool balls

    Coming soon. I wonder what color the 5 ball will be……
  18. libtrucker

    Ever seen close-up of Earl's ferrule?

    PS I have pics of his cue next to mine, but it says the photos are too large for the server to process. Too bad, its quite the war club Update: I think I was able to resize them
  19. libtrucker

    Ever seen close-up of Earl's ferrule?

    I met Earl a few months back and did a clinic with him. His cue is a mess. The shaft is close to 15mm diameter, and he has tape around the butt, an extension that stays on all the time, and a tennis racket looking grip over the butt end. It's quite the contraption. But he can play. I thought...
  20. libtrucker

    Pool Halls from Destin to Mobile

    We ended up stopping at Starcade Billiards. It was a neat old school place. Was dead tired and was playing horribly. Wish I wasn't, there was definitely some action to be had