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    'NEW'...."The RackZAPPER"

    wow, crazy hilarious outrageous funny you bored or something? 'nother 2mins of my life wasted with NPR level nothingness
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    also, a huge amount of screen space lost to displaying the tournament title... what a waste
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    there's a promising open source project, but it's still limited in its functionality, and lacks a few general features. also it's been programmed with a special tournament setup in mind, which makes it hard to adapt to setups in pool, like Round Robin to Single Elim or Double Elim to Single...
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    ...just use challonge, or cuescore.
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    Live Stream Pricing Models

    Hi Zach, first of all, I really like what you are doing at Digital Pool. The model you are mentioning is not ppv, though, it's the exact opposite, rather like pay per week or so. There may be folks who would go with that, but I can't (and won't) afford 60 bucks, just to watch two or three matches.
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    A new design.

    yes! wow!
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    the semi-secret Qatar open 2023 (live link)

    On the official page, you see quite a number of 9-8 results, so that doesn't support what's been said
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    the semi-secret Qatar open 2023 (live link)

    or use the official page
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    CueLee's Connecticut 9-Ball Open @ US1 Billiards, Sep 22+23

    Probably a good warm up for the upcoming US Open, this tournament features a good part of the creme de la creme in Pool right now. They all come when Jayson calls ;) Draw and results on
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    at least the photos look awesome @Korsakoff
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    The best video of a Carbon Fiber shafts deflection testing with a robot arm

    rising deflection could also be attributed to sinking shot speed. I agree with @Nick B here: to be scientific, we would need much more data points... On the other hand, when I think of hardness comparisons of cue tips and what people report on these tips and what everybody "feels", a...
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    Oscar barking at Karl Boyes

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    How long is your bridge on average?

    if the situation allows it, yes, probably. also makes sense, reproducability-wise, right...?
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    How long is your bridge on average?

    I'd like to recommend a video to you to find your optimum bridge distance: It's in German, from Christian Reimering, but you might get the idea from the stripes on the table. Basically the distance between your bridge hand and the cue ball is the same as the distance from your elbow to the wrist.
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    MatchRoom's response to the WPA player sanctions:

    @Cameron Smith @stewie you realize you're now arguing about tournaments and copyrights, not player restrictions...(which is what all of this was about, originally)
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    MatchRoom's response to the WPA player sanctions:

    I understand that much, I believe. But what about me doing a tournament in the Fairfield Inn across the road, a week later? Would the guys who were in the Turning Stone be prohibited from playing at the Fairfield? Where's the line?
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    MatchRoom's response to the WPA player sanctions:

    Two statements next to each other, heavily contradicting each other. I understand that in the first answer, it's about the players, who shall not compete in a similar event from a non-MR promoter. In the second answer, she embraces a possible market competition - just not with the same...
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    Turning Stone Classic XXXVII Aug31- Sept. 4th

    thank you, @azhousepro for publishing the tournament on digitalpool! Like that I could "participate" without attending ;) thx @kingwang for pointing it out.
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    MatchRoom's response to the WPA player sanctions:

    How many players will ever be able to make a living from MR events? 128? 256? Not yet, actually. And while that might be 128 or 256 more than before, until they were where they are now they have in some way profited from federations' work. Federations are doing the base work, at least that's...