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    Cue repair in Ct

    Thanks for the responses. Just to let everybody know I ended up going with Paul Drexler and very glad I did. He worked on a Jacoby shaft that I had and also cleaned and refinished a Muecci for a friend of mine and it came out beautiful, a lot better than what my friend expected. Pauls work is...
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    Cue repair in Ct

    Does anyone know where I could get a couple of cues repaired in Ct. Thanks
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    Dennis vs Ko, race to 100, 20K.

    My mistake, it was 5 games in a row won by KO, which you are right gave him a 3 game lead.
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    Dennis vs Ko, race to 100, 20K.

    KO was already up at least 5 games and Dennis caught him and took a lead.
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    Too Much Arguing In Booth @ TS

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    Jeffery Ignacio

    I have been watching him for a couple of years on youtube. This kid is on the short list of world class talent.