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    Europe top 100 by Fargo Rating

    Not a Superstar like Gorst, but isn' #91 Daniel Schneider from Switzerland?
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    Pool Player Podcast............... WPA

    I was like a fly on the wall at the recent world 8ball and even between some pro players the opinion is forming, that WPA had no choice, other than formulating a ban. I think MR has to react, otherwise WPA will optain opinion leadership on this topic.
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    Predator WPA World 8 Ball Championship 2023 (17-22 Oct 2023), Austria, Winner $75K

    Some people here said that 8-ball is too easy for the pros. I'm watching live with Alcaide, He, the Kaci brothers and 2 or 3 other matches right in front of me, and there is a lot of messed up positions, sneaky tactical play and hard fought runouts. So yes, if the balls are rolling your way...
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    Matchroom Major event -Hanoi Open (10-15 October),Vietnam, Winner $30K

    Of course he is, but I think with a German team captain and Filler being one of the hottest players this season, I think a wildcard would rightfully go to Filler.
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    Matchroom Major event -Hanoi Open (10-15 October),Vietnam, Winner $30K

    Since Albin won't be in this year's MC, there is a high chance that today's final will be the last time we see him on a Matchroom stage. Unless this WPA/MR stuff gets solved somehow.
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    WPA bans......................

    As I remember, the tournaments in Europe had quite a lot of local amateurs participating. Also I wonder if this ban includes MR's youth tournaments.
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    WPA bans......................

    Matchroom's 9 ball tour
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    WPA bans......................

    Even if most of the pros will choose to go with MR, the 9 ball tour will change, because 75% of the tournaments are filled up with semi pros and amateurs. I don't think these player will risk being banned from their local leagues and tournaments.
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    WPA bans......................

    Well, the WPA has some big events around the corner and with 70% of the top pros playing in Hanoi tomorrow, they would ruin their own events if they would take actions immediately. Also the top Europeans and US players have basically invested a whole season for the race to the Mosconi Cup, so...
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    WPA bans......................

    So there we have it...players have to choose, starting March 2024.
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    the semi-secret Qatar open 2023 (live link)

    I usually don't complain about commentators, but I swear, I will kill myself if I ever hear another whispered "Ladies and Gentlemen...."
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    Anybody playing 1 pocket near Völkermarkt? (AUT)

    Glad you found some people to play. The club there is quite old and a bit stuck in time, but the people there are nice and especially the senior players know their way around the table. And they have two league teams there too, if you want to take part in some league action.
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    Anybody playing 1 pocket near Völkermarkt? (AUT)

    Nobody is playing 1 pocket in the area, but I think you have already been to the local club in Völkermarkt. Ask for "Charly" there, he might be your best bet to give 1 pocket a try. He is a very good player and he will learn the game quickly.
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    MatchRoom's response to the WPA player sanctions:

    Jay, you might be the person on the forum with the most inside knowledge about the pro circuit and the players. I want to ask you about your opinion on how many pros rely on the financial backing of their national federations to pay for flights, hotels, every day costs etc. and how many players...
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    Yapp banned from WPA tournament?

    I think if the WPA really enforces a ban of players, MR and their WNT is done, or will at least lose many of the best players. People here talk a lot about the big price money MR is offering for the players, without realizing how heavily funded some of the top pros are. Just to put it in...
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    How to pronounce Mario He's last name?

    I think that's what comes closest to the german pronounciation. But we Austrians are known for germanizing foreign names, so it might be the Chinese version, that is how it should be.
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    World Professional Nineball Pool Corporation Unveiled

    Austrian players get supported with money from various sources even though some of them don't compete in EPBF events anymore. They also got government money during covid for not being able to compete in tournaments.
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    World Professional Nineball Pool Corporation Unveiled

    This is strange news...last thing I heard was, that in 2024 European players will be forced to choose between EuroTour and MR Events...although I don't know if there has been an official EPBF statement yet.
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    Spanish Open, June 2023, from Matchroom

    Additionally their Dad has been an Austrian Champion multiple times and won two bronze and one silver medal at European Championships.
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    Matchroom 2023 UK Open (nineball), 30May-4June, Winner $30K

    I watched Maks play in a junior event at my club earlier this year and he is a great talent. He has a great coach, nice parents, who support him, and if he keeps improving at this pace I'm sure we will see a lot of him in the future.