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  1. shinyballs

    Once again Earl shows his lack of class, what a disgrace

    You might be dead on, who knows.
  2. shinyballs

    Mosconi Cup 2009 US Team

    Archer Scmidt SVB Harriman Hatch Earl's not in my top 10
  3. shinyballs

    Where to play in Albuquerque, NM?

    The tables at Doc & Eddie's kinda suck. It is convenient though, right off of I-25. I'd go to Billiard Palace (they do have 9's and Anna Kostanian's Dad owns it I believe) or Slate Street in Rio Rancho (a little out of the way). If you go to billiard palace, I've found the tables on the lower...
  4. shinyballs

    Sometimes you lose when you win

    Well, that's certainly how I rank myself in the world, by my az rep. At least I don't get on here and waste everyone's time for 7,000+ posts.
  5. shinyballs

    Sometimes you lose when you win

    On the contrary, I have a life, otherwise I'd be posting as much b.s. here as you do.
  6. shinyballs

    Sarah Rousey comments on the Women's Worlds

    Well, all I can say is look at golf. Michelle Wi has used more than a few sponsors exemptions. It's common. Tiger Woods himself has entered a few friends into tournaments, including Notah Begay, who went to college with him. ..not recently though, Notah hasn't won much lately. Anyway, the...
  7. shinyballs

    Sometimes you lose when you win

    I would, but I just can't seem to click it through all of the b.s.
  8. shinyballs

    Sometimes you lose when you win

    Wow Johnny, all these stories in just a matter of weeks! Sounds like you win the action award this year. Maybe you should be on the next TAR ppv. :rolleyes:
  9. shinyballs

    What is the Most Ill-Conceived Pool Product You Have Ever Come Across?

    Thanks for the info junkbond. It certainly felt like the force was decreased to me. I didn't really tell her much though, didn't want to make her feel bad. :o
  10. shinyballs

    What is the Most Ill-Conceived Pool Product You Have Ever Come Across?

    I don't know what it's called, but a girl in my pool league bought a break cue (at the mall I think) that has sand or something in the butt that slides back and forth. The thing is at least 23 oz also. She let me try it and it really sucks. Also, Hustlin shirts, hats, etc..
  11. shinyballs

    dennis orcollo

    Chris, Just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed watching you play in Vegas. You brought more excitement to the event for everyone there IMHO. Every time I walked into the TAR bar and you weren't playing (which wasn't often), I was saying "damn it."
  12. shinyballs

    What is the Beef With Dragon Promotions and The Predator 10 Ball Championships?

    If I was running an event and you said you were gonna run $500 on the bar, I'd probably not want you in there either. Put some cash in your wallet and find an ATM for pete's sake. 61 pounds of drugs and a drunk or sober attempt to enter a female's room are nowhere near the same IMHO. If he'd...
  13. shinyballs

    Putnam vs A. Fisher - why I'm taking sides on this one.

    So, I was just in Vegas and checking the break speed contest booth quite a bit and the top woman's break I saw was around 23 mph. The top man was regularly in the 28-30 somethng range. Men are simply stronger. Does the break matter? Well, at least in ten ball it certainly seems to have some...
  14. shinyballs

    I reeled In Another One

    Am I the only one here who thinks this is a totally BS story?
  15. shinyballs

    Red circle vs measles comparison

    Just by feel, no scientific or other evidence, the red circle is the most playable and I find the measles and blue circle to be similar. ..and I didn't read the rest of the posts on this thread, so if I'm repeating something or way off base, oh well.
  16. shinyballs

    When you're not playing Pool, what do you do?

    Ha ha, anyone who plays World of Warcraft can certainly relate! Maintaining your pool game and playing WOW certainly don't mix. Two of the best time wasters there are!
  17. shinyballs

    Cold Case

    Yes, wasn't flattering at all. At this point though, any publicity for this game might be good publicity.
  18. shinyballs

    Cold Case

    Cold case tonight started out about a pool hustler. It's on right now.
  19. shinyballs

    live stream match

  20. shinyballs

    live stream match

    Here's The Link