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  1. Gazelli

    Joint Protectors

    I'll second that, Jim does great work and is a pleasure to deal with.
  2. Gazelli

    Most underrated cue game instructional materials?

    Does anyone have the Level 1 book and DVD available? They are out of stock everywhere I look.
  3. Gazelli

    A round of applause!

    We all know how difficult the times have been lately. I don't think anyone doesn't know someone, if not themselves, who've been adversely effected by the economic problems we've experienced. But somehow, I can't help but feel sorry for those who try to make their livings through the arts...
  4. Gazelli

    JB Case - Tough Love 2x5/3x4 - Oil Tan Leather

    I have a 3x6 custom that's pretty much the same case and fully loaded with cues/shafts and trivial pocket items it's close to 15lbs. I should state that I WOULD, without a doubt, buy another JB case if I had a need. Hell, I'm working in inventing a need for an excuse to get another. :)
  5. Gazelli

    If you could recast The Color of Money...

    Morgan Freeman would make a good Eddie. And DeCapprio as Vincent. Add in Mila Kunis and it's a box office smash.
  6. Gazelli

    Something occured to me that was funny re: my play and commentators

    It'd sound like me on league night. Me: shoot (and most likely miss or mess something up)...walk back to the table... Captain: asks 'Why didn't you (fill in the blank)?' Me: 'oops, I didn't even see that!'.
  7. Gazelli

    New 2012 mike gulyassy

    Looks like the pin on my Gulyassy, 3/8 x 10.
  8. Gazelli

    Johnny Archer vs. Brandon Shuff (LIVE)

    What a great match. Thank you Inside Pool for putting this on the air, along with the many other sponsors. Being able to watch such a great match for free is fantastic!
  9. Gazelli

    Congrats Brandon!

    Yes. Brandon had a few mental lapses, very few actually, but against someone like Johnny a few is a few too many. In the end Johnny made a mistake that cost him the final game. When Brandon is keeping his cool, he can shoot the lights out.
  10. Gazelli

    Congrats Brandon!

    Brandon Shuff just beat Johnny Archer 10 - 9. Way to go Brandon!
  11. Gazelli

    I play better

    I wear my musicians ear plugs when I play. I can still hear people talking and the background noise, but it all just sounds like very quiet background noise. It definitely helps me concentrate.
  12. Gazelli

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    The political crap doesn't belong in this tread.
  13. Gazelli

    Another early XMAS gift to me

    Wow, that is a beautiful cue, congratulations!
  14. Gazelli

    Arizona for Bruce

    Wow that's a beauty John. And congrats on the great looking new case Bruce. Anyone have advice on how to convince my wife I need a 2nd JB case this year? :)
  15. Gazelli

    Mosconi Cup Updates

    Team USA needs to step up the game. Way too many lapses of concentration.
  16. Gazelli

    Mosconi Cup Updates

    I lost the feed too. I guess Heidi is about to come on.
  17. Gazelli

    SO.....what makes YOU better than ME????

    I am a very new player (l've played for less than a year). I've played a great many sports over the years, so I am well aware of the value of expert instruction. So, when I decided to learn how to play pool, I decided to do it right (IMO). I took a lesson from Scott Lee. He spent the day...
  18. Gazelli

    Custom Pool Room

    Wow almost 40 thousand hits on this thread. Seems everyone is enjoying watching this beautiful project. Would have made a great stop action video.
  19. Gazelli

    Personal Pool Hall

    I'm a member of a private club in the area. It has 3 heated billiard tables and 2 GC. We have less than 40 members and membership is $280 a year. All members have a key to the place and we can play 24/7. It's a fantastic deal, IMO.