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    The Simplest Aiming Systems to Visualize and Use

    Just answer the question
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    The Simplest Aiming Systems to Visualize and Use

    Ask the Johnson how much time he spent on the table with CTE
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    CTE - SP's (sight points?) / SL's (sight lines?)

    Explain it to me and I’ll try it
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    CTE Stepping Cue Ball.

    Where did you come up with the figure of 1/100? Please put that in decimal figure
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    CTE - SP's (sight points?) / SL's (sight lines?)

    Ask PJ to give you a direct answer about how much time he spent trying CTE on the table
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    CTE Question

    Easy to say you talked to Hal , why not stan? You still didn’t say how many hours you worked with it at a table
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    CTE Question

    Yes very much
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    Anyone using TOI?

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    CTE Question

    Ask Dan and pj how much time that spent at the table trying cte ,that would not give me a straight answer. I think the number is about zero hours. How can you spend so many hours trashing a system you know nothing about? I’ll ask again, HOW MANY HOURS DID YOU SPEND AT THE TABLE WITH C T E , JUST...
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    CTE Question

    Also ignore all comments from Patrick Johnson aka the big Johnson
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    Aiming book by Richard Eshelman -- The Deadly Aiming System

    Just remember 15,30,45center to edge
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    My latest Gold Crown purchase . "warning it's a shocker"

    The KING has spoken, wait he will offer to work his magic for a fee $$$$$$$ and change it to play like a diamond
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    My tip is made from rhino forskin
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    Who wins? SVB or Sky?

    Based on some of the post you’ve made ,I bet you can’t make a list at all
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    Bashing other aiming systems

    It shows intention to do harm
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    Bashing other aiming systems

    What are you going to do about Dan whites digging into stans private business affairs? He contacted stans busines partners to try to dig up something that he can use to discredit him publicly. He’s not even on AZ anymore and he still continues to attack him.if you refuse to address this problem...
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    The Method Telling The Shot Line?

    He’s just hanging his head staring at the floor
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    Question for Dan white

    Dan you have crossed a line , what’s next is Stan going to look out his window one night and see driving by his house? Moderators need to address this now. This is a man who is obsessed,this is online stalking
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    Question for Dan white

    Did you contact Stan Shuffets publishing co? If so what for?