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  1. OverTheNut

    Luck vs Skill Percentage - What Do You Think?

    Take a pro and a bad player. Both have 100 goes at these tasks: Task 1 - straight shot screw back where the balls are a large distance (say 7 feet) apart. Diagonal across the full length of the table. Ball potted and cue ball screwed straight back into the other pocket of the diagonal. Task 2 -...
  2. OverTheNut

    Pool returns to ESPN….

    I quite enjoyed it. A brand new game to me so didn't know what they were doing at the start. Soon picked it up but there were a few bits where it was 'hang on - that ball gets spotted now' or whatever. For TV it would work. A whole game can be shown live in an hour including the obligatory...
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    Pool returns to ESPN….

    Thanks for the heads-up. I've set it to record. It's only an hour at 1pm ET but better than nothing!
  4. OverTheNut

    What shoes do you wear to play pool in?

    Steel toe cap 14 hole Doc Martens. Safety is more important than comfort.
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    Why Do So Many Bar Room Recreational 8-Ball Players Cling to the Nonsense Outdated Rules?

    It's not just a USA thing. Loads of countries have different rules for pool in different bars. In UK pool a big, simple difference is 'do you get 2 shots on the black?'. Some places you will. Some you won't. USA bar rules are the strangest though. Basically there aren't any rules. You don't...
  6. OverTheNut

    Playing 9 ball tournament dilemma?

    This. Just don't touch any moving balls! We've probably all done this: You play a bad shot and the cue ball is steaming towards the pocket you are right by - you instinctively go to grab it but by some miracle it doesn't actually go in. Your hand was right there though... I've long since lost...
  7. OverTheNut

    2023 World Snooker Championship / April 15th - May 1st

    Loved the interview with Luca Brecel after he'd just beaten O'Sullivan. Basically said his preparation consisted of lots of late nights getting drunk with his friends playing XBox until 6am. Very little practice. There's hope for us all! Well if we had the same cue action and outrageous skill...
  8. OverTheNut

    Tip glue - the best or preferences?

    At DCC Blackburn were using Loctite super glue professional liquid (blue-ish looking bottle). I figured as they do so many then they know what works the best. I took a photo of the bottle so I'd remember it being more than just 'Loctite' - this is it...
  9. OverTheNut

    DCC - Derby City Classic - Jan 20/28 2023 - Caesars Southern Indiana

    Just to confirm the answer to my own question. Yes - Blackburn cue mechanic was at the 2023 DCC. He was very busy but pretty organized. You left you cue with him and you got a ticket number. You went back an hour or so later to pick your cue up. A very knowledgeable guy who would answer any...
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    Live (Barely) from the Derby

    A bottle of Bud (or other domestic beer) was $4 at the casino bars. So $5 with tip. So just average price nowadays. They weren't comped when playing Poker - still had to pay $4 for them. Quite glad I couldn't get into Gordon Ramsay just to sit at the bar (they wouldn't let you do that unless...
  11. OverTheNut

    2023 DCC Big Foot Players List

    Thanks for the link. I'm looking forward to watching some top class players close-up. Nice that it's only 16 invited players. Every game should be pretty competitive.
  12. OverTheNut

    DCC - Derby City Classic - Jan 20/28 2023 - Caesars Southern Indiana

    Thanks - I look forward to a getting a new tip put on in a few seconds. I wonder if there has even been a race between people re-tipping cues? Sadly enough I think I'd quite enjoy watching a competition to see who could professionally re-tip 5 cues the quickest.
  13. OverTheNut

    DCC - Derby City Classic - Jan 20/28 2023 - Caesars Southern Indiana

    My first time going to this event and I'm really looking forward to it. I assume there will a few vendors there. Does anyone know if there is usually someone there who re-tips cues on the day? I need one doing but as this is relatively close now I can wait a couple of weeks. Pointless waiting...
  14. OverTheNut

    A Thanksgiving Day Story

    Great story. I wonder if there is still a market for being the 'Chain Monkey'!
  15. OverTheNut

    Mosconi Cup online sports book betting odds.

    So wish bookies worldwide would use decimal odds. So much easier. USA odds: Europe -225 USA +170 Decimal odds: Europe 1.44 (put 1 on you get 1.44 back) USA 2.7 (put 1 on you get 2.70 back) Basically Europe strong-ish favs. Europe to win 11-0 USA: +15,000 Decimal: 151.0 (put 1 on you get...
  16. OverTheNut

    Who is going to watch the Women's event tomorrow on 8/17/22?

    Live now at World Billiard TV: Allison Fisher vs Chia Hua Chen Unlike the Kelly Fisher game - Allison Fisher has a game. Chen is a great player.
  17. OverTheNut

    PUI (Playing Under the Influence)

    I bet if you asked this question a good few years back you'd get a different response. Pool/darts/poker was mostly played in smoke filled rooms with alcohol almost compulsory. Just like a lot of things - this seems to have changed in recent years. Is this a good thing? Now that is very...
  18. OverTheNut

    Matchroom changing break rules for European Open (Aug 9-14 Germany)

    This is the crux of the issue that Matchroom are trying to address. This change to the break may fix it. It may not. Players are smart - I'm sure they'll soon work out a high percentage shot that regularly pockets a certain ball. We'll see... Failing that - I'd just put a sock in each bottom...
  19. OverTheNut

    Please Fix POOL LEAGUE RULES ... Here Are Some Suggestions

    Yep - definitely would be nice if all professional games and organized leagues played with the same rule set. Can't be that hard can it? Snooker rules are snooker rules. Simple. No variations that I know of (apart from the 'miss rule' really only being for professionals). But 'yep' also -...
  20. OverTheNut

    Nine Ball UK Open.

    Yeah, was interesting. Wonder if they will come up with something to make it harder to pocket balls from the break? Or how about you only get to stay at the table if you pot 2 or more balls - not just 1? Wonder what the stats are. Potting only 1 ball compared to 2 or more? She said they are...