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  1. sharpq

    cognoscenti merry widow

    Dean, How ya been? Want an Omega watch and some cash for the Cog?
  2. sharpq

    Wanted cue for Omega watch

    Hi, Looking to get back in the game and am in need of a cue. I want to trade an Omega package. Model is a DeVille w/ rare quadrant tank dial. Here's a link: Looking for a Merry...
  3. sharpq

    ~>~>~>~>~~>F/S Paul Mottey Cue <~~<~<~<~<~

    Does it have his signature in forearm somewhere w/ date? Or, does it have Mottey scribed in butt cap? Thanks
  4. sharpq

    FS: 16" Hager extension

    I want my 20" back from you! :) Thanks for the heads up, though!
  5. sharpq

    Merry Widow for sale

    Didn't read close enough, already saw the answer to my post! :) Thanks
  6. sharpq

    MURNAK 2x4

    Anyone know where this case is and if it can be bought. I'm a buyer!
  7. sharpq

    FS: beautiful Black Creek Balabushka tribute

    Very nice!! Travis hit a homer using the "Bushka" rings that I've seen in some recent finished cues.
  8. sharpq

    W/T/B **** ebony BLACKCREEK ****

    Looking again for another Blackcreek full splice wrapless, prefer ebony w/ veneers or exotic w/out Thxs, Todd
  9. sharpq

    – ◊ – Gorgeous New Blackcreek Full Splice Wrapless Butterfly Cue! – ◊ –

    Man!!!!!! I was trying to ease on back into playing by acquiring a couple merry widows. Then you put up this beauty, I may have to dig deeper into the pockets!!!!!!!! Absolutely, love how this one looks!
  10. sharpq


    W/T/T ANOTHER WATCH for ANOTHER WRAPLESS CUE Gone.................. Thanks, Todd
  11. sharpq

    W/T/T Where's all the WATCH guys, have a trade

    Bump........ EDIT: Lol guess I'm old school on this site didn't know the new bump button method!
  12. sharpq

    W/T/T Where's all the WATCH guys, have a trade

    One more pic, back of case. Serial number and model number still clearly visible. Bracelet and case back are really clean, these macro pics are deceiving.
  13. sharpq

    W/T/T Where's all the WATCH guys, have a trade

    Trade value at GONE Thanks, Todd
  14. sharpq

    W/T/T Where's all the WATCH guys, have a trade

    Where's all the WATCH guys, have an offer Looking for a merry widow or full splice wrapless w/ veneers or a Hoppe ring styled cue of some kind. Will trade even/up/ down My bad pics are below. Trade value at GONE Thanks, Todd
  15. sharpq

    Unique Original "HAGER" Extension

    I have one. Very special. My friend "Deacon" was the first to offer these to the community. He came to me with one to test, as he knew I used an extension quite often. I loved it, but said I needed it longer (he had me test a 16"). At that time, Hager wasn't making 'em that long, but Deacon...
  16. sharpq

    Unique Original "HAGAR" Extension

    Posted new thread, spelling typo in title that couldn't be edited.
  17. sharpq

    Free Tonkin cue JB case contest full

    Good luck all!! Thanks for something different Deano!
  18. sharpq

    Free Tonkin cue JB case contest full

    Drawing method Nice contest you have going Dean! I've seen in the past people use the last ball of "Megamillions" lottery drawing. The last ball will be 1-15, just pick a date of one of the drawings and there ya go! No one can complain about the outcome, totally random and public. Just a...
  19. sharpq

    Negative iTrader - Did I Deserve It?

    The guy was sold a "presumed" warped cue, he never showed any proof (i.e. video, send back immediately, pic) Jamie wouldn't wait a WEEK to respond to a warped cue refund offer, if he bought one. Makes no sense to do so. EDIT: just saw the buyers post..... He should have told Jamie that he was...
  20. sharpq

    >>>F$ - James White <<< Rosewood

    That is Abalone inlay not MOP, beautiful! Also, I believe that is Brazilian into Brazilian, definitely worth mentioning. Nice, Nice, Nice