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    Bore size for rethreading

    Mike, I came across this and couldn't resist!! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving And THANKS for all your contributions here Gary
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    Where could I buy pool exotic cues woods blank?

    Bishop, Ssonerai, No offense taken. But you mistake my argument. My statement had to do with the self-integrity of honoring a pledge/promise that people have made and then deciding to renege on it. Quality cue wood is NOT readily available - sub-quality, yes, but not good stuff. My sources...
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    Where could I buy pool exotic cues woods blank?

    Everyone who asks to join AZB checks off the box "I agree to follow the rules set down by the administrators of AZB." It doesn't say "I agree to follow the rules that I agree with." So if you can't live up to your pledge or don't like the rules, there are other forums to join. Gary
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    Kielwood name origin.

    Here's a great YouTube from a professional wood roaster explaining the process. It's not just a matter of turning on your oven, popping some wood in, and pulling it out in an hour or two. Wood Roasting Gary
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    Yellow micata

    I would like 2 feet when available. Thanks Gary
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    Need help finding a replacement cuestick tip

    Guys, I sent him a DM. I am within 10 miles of him. I'll take care of his cue for free - gotta pay back our vets. Also, I can point him to several pool halls in our area. In addition, to APA, VNEA/BCA, and NAPA are regularly played here. Gary
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    Need help finding a replacement cuestick tip

    Jeffrey, I am in Highlands Ranch, much closer to you than Loveland. I'll PM you my contact information. Gary
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    It's not a particularly difficult job for a competent cue maker/repair tech. You need to indicate your location to find someone close. Gary
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    What events are the best to sell cues at

    But this particular forum is not a place for sales. That's better in the For Sale or Main Forum section
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    Shaft color

    Fiebing's Leather Dye
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    Shaft color

    Most wood shafts have been sealed to keep out exterior moisture. Your stain is basically just that - external moisture. So you would need to sand the entire shaft down to wood first. This should help you get a consistent stain the full length of the cue. Depending on how deep the sealer...
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    Using VCarve pro for cue making

    Mach3 is one of the oldest hobbiest control systems out there. There are tons of videos on YouTube about getting started in Mach3. You need to learn some basics first, about simple movement commands first. For exampe "G 01 X 5 F5" will move the X-axis to the 5 inch (or mm) position at a speed...
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    How Hard Is It to Remove a Pin

    Another challenge is that some cues, like a VIking I worked on recently, are not wood all the way to the joint. This one, the last inch or so up to the joint was Juma or some other plastic. Getting the pin heated sufficiently to break the glue ond down in the threaded section with deforming...
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    Cf break specs

    Hmmm . . in my opinion you don't want a break shaft to flex, that robs energy out of your shot. I think what you want is a different tip. I recommend BulletProof break tips to my customers. Cue rebounds off the tip and you get great control. Everyone of my customers is very happy with...
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    Are you still looking for some Black and White Ebony? I have a couple of 12" x 1.3" squares I...

    Are you still looking for some Black and White Ebony? I have a couple of 12" x 1.3" squares I could spare. Let me know, Gary
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    Cleaner and sealer

    For cleaning I like denatured alcohol and Magic Erasers. For sealing I currently like Deft Lacquer Sanding Sealer. There are several good sealers available. Some darken the wood more than others. HTH
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    Wood ID

    I was going to guess cocobolo or some other type of rosewood. It could be BRW too. Gary
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    lathe for cleaning and sanding shafts only

    I don't think you'll be happy with that device. For starters, it's only about 12 inches long and you'll need about 30 inches between the chuck and the tailstock pin, so you'll have to purchase a new piece of 80/20 aluminum extrusion and fittings to extend it appropriately. That will bump up...
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    Router or spindle speed

    I'm similar to DeeDeeCues. I have a 2.2kW spindle on one machine and a 0.8Kw spindle on another. I generally frun them at 16,000 rpm and feed rates vary from 5 ipm to 20 ipm, depending on the operation. Every lathe is going to be a little differenct, so you will need to experiment with what...
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    Refinishing a cue that has new autographs on it

    I have used clear acrylic sprayed over the top of signatures to preserve them. A couple of light coats dries smooth and shiny and didn't smear anything. YMMV Gary Brown