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    I took mine to have them powder coated (GC4). They had some pitting in the chrome so we blasted them and light sanding and even with the special primer used for aluminum he could not stop the outgassing causing bubbles in the finish. I have prepped them again and sprayed with etching primer...
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    Table identification

    I'm a part time table mechanic and have worked on many different types and styles, old to new. Looking at the table together you would think the rail would come off in one unit like a gold crown but it was not possible. The way the carriage bolts came into the frame the corners had to come...
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    Table identification

    Here are a few more pictures. A couple stamps on the bottom side of rail and one stamp on the bottom of slate. No wood backing on slate but wood around the outsides
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    Table identification

    I picked up this table cheap to put in the back of my shop. Before I went to get it, looking at pictures, I thought it was an AMF table. When I went to pick it up I can't find any markings on it anywhere. It is put together very strange with metal brackets holding the rails on to the frame and...
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    ISO Black Gold Crown IV rail

    My 1st contact was to Brunswick and they told me to contact a local distributor so I did and they are waiting to hear back from the sales rep. I figured I would ask here while I was waiting.
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    ISO Black Gold Crown IV rail

    I was just editing my post and after I saved it I noticed you had posted what I was asking in the edit. I build custom poker tables for a living and do a decent amount of laminate work so I don't mind tearing into it my concern would be to make sure I could get the exact laminate (color, texture...
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    ISO Black Gold Crown IV rail

    I have a black GC4 that has damage on the top laminate of the rail. Is there someone or a place that sells used parts like this? Or can I buy matching laminate and replace just that?
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    Jacoby Custom Cues

    I bought my first Jacoby from David in 2003. I was playing with a cue that the finish was coming off around the rings for no real reason. When I showed it to David he told me "If anything like this ever happens to the cue you buy from me send it back and I'll make it right". I have never had any...
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    Awesome Shawn Putnam cue for sale

    Bump, This is a great playing cue and you would be buying from a stand up guy.
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    Prather Cue for sale

    Still available. I also have 2 Jacoby cues for sale I will post pictures later.
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    Prather Cue for sale

    I just got a Ariel Carmeli and have a couple cues that need to go. Ebony but and forearm with olive wood points with green and blue veneers. New black leather wrap and a new unused shaft with steel joint 5/16-14. I have a 30" Predator 314 shaft that I have used with the cue and can go with the...
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    Prather cue value

    Thanks Chris. I did see your thread and thought about calling but did not have time. My cue is slightly different with 2 veneers on the points and a leather wrap. I just got a new Carmeli cue so I think this one is going to go on the block.
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    Prather cue value

    Nothing? Did I post in the wrong forum?
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    Prather cue value

    I picked up a Prather cue at Ralley earlier this year. The cue is signed "Prather 96", it is ebony with what I believe are olive points with a blue and green veneer. When I got the cue it had what looked like a golf club wrap. I looked for quite a while to find a unique leather wrap but have...
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    Monster Carmeli has arrived

    Looks great. I had the same issues of taking pictures of my new Carmeli with silver, it's tough to get a picture that looks as good as it does in person.
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    Scruggs Cues

    nice line up
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    1993 Prather Custom

    great looking cue
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    Beautiful Prather Cue

    I'm also wondering on a price.
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    Looking for Prather

    How much is the last one?
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    F/s: Old meucci & prather

    Did you ever get a value on the Prather?