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  1. PKM

    Keep Watching "The Color of Money"

    Now if only they'd release a special edition DVD!
  2. PKM

    Good book for begginer?

    I like Dr. Dave's book. For $10, it's a no-brainer:
  3. PKM

    Am I Missing Out?!?!?

    It seems like the pendulum stroke is the best way to learn, and I certainly don't think it is less accurate in any way, but it is curious that few pros use the "textbook" stroke. Since pros obviously take training seriously, you would think more would adopt best practices. That suggests to me...
  4. PKM

    Joe Tucker

    The 3rd eye video is on his website: I don't see anything about The Magic Eye. So what is it? I assume it's not a secret?
  5. PKM

    Joe Tucker

    What is it? Not released yet?
  6. PKM

    Joe Tucker

    Joe T is the man, he should get a Nobel Prize in pool. You won't hear any BS about his stuff. Wasn't there a rumor of a new product coming out?
  7. PKM

    Perfect Aim Video and Lesson Phoenix

    If a few sentences of description negates the value of the video, then it's not much of a video, is it?
  8. PKM

    My Lasik Experience: A buyer's guide!

    I was just watching Minority Report, we should be able to buy some eyeballs on the street soon. Also in the future, for some reason hard drives become smaller, so they revert to some kind of plastic disks to store data.
  9. PKM

    My Lasik Experience: A buyer's guide!

    I wear contacts, my eyes are very bad, the prescription is -8.50/-9.00. I was told I could not do Lasik with that prescription.
  10. PKM

    CTE testimonial

    This is evidence that people are not always aware of -- or do not wish to acknowledge -- the small adjustments they make when using aiming references. SAM may be useful for some people, but as others have stated, your claim is simply false. (I realize people are talking about other systems...
  11. PKM

    CTE testimonial

    But isn't the CTE aim just a reference? You can't possibly pocket 80% of all shots by just aiming CTE with no pivot or adjustment. You don't even need Dr. Dave's proofs to know that.
  12. PKM

    Sighting (not aiming) thread

    My two cents is that Joe Tucker's third eye helped me to sight properly on a straight-in shot (and it's cheap and no secrets necessary!) -- now I know I need to line up just slightly away from center towards my dominant eye. Whether I need to change that for other shots for optimal results, I...
  13. PKM

    Perfect Aim Video

    Doesn't it depend on the person where they perceive a straight line best? How else could you explain different professionals who line up their cue in every possible position relative to their eyes? I know that's what the SPF instructors have said. So if someone tells you to do it one way...
  14. PKM

    Eye opening drill... Point & Shoot

    So the idea is to do that in order to learn cue ball control?
  15. PKM

    Eye opening drill... Point & Shoot

    That's a good idea, the good news for me is if I do it while someone's looking, my position will be so far from the cue tip placement that they won't even realize what I'm doing. :thumbup:
  16. PKM

    Dumb question about AZ.....

    I'm not sure i like that feature where people can see who looked at your page. Not that anyone really cares, but if I want to find someone's older posts or something who I don't really know, now I look like a stalker. I prefer to keep my stalking separate from AZB.:yeah:
  17. PKM

    What does AZ Billiards stand for ?

    When I was first looking for a pool forum, I passed this one by because I figured it was a local Arizona forum. Of course I later realized it wasn't, if you had to start over it's probably not the ideal name but I guess it doesn't matter too much.
  18. PKM

    Perfect Aim Video and Lesson Phoenix

    Let me ask this, to Gene or anyone else familiar with it: I know that I am right-eye dominant, and that for me to perceive a straight line correctly I need to line up my cue slightly towards my left eye rather than directly under my dominant eye. Of course that doesn't mean that I am able to...
  19. PKM

    Perfect Aim Video and Lesson Phoenix

    So when is the new video coming out?
  20. PKM

    CTE ... the complete story

    It's complicated but I don't think it's outside the realm of science.