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  1. Jack Madden

    John notice

    Rest in peace my friend. Met John in CA many years ago and played him. Always a gentleman. Talked to him many times over the years, enjoyed the conversations and the memories. He was a role model for the game. Will miss the phone calls. Prayers for his family. Loved the man.
  2. Jack Madden

    Recut points?

    Still at it. Beautiful fall in the mountains, a few deer, turkeys, pheasants, grouse family. The griz are out and about getting apples off trees, but not in my yard (of course I am not out wandering around in the night…it’s bear time). Off subject. Jack Madden
  3. Jack Madden

    The Jointed Cue Pool Hall Re-Opened After 4 Years in Sacramento

    Hey, thanks Jay. Living the pool dream of playing with the best of the best. Good memories, and get to build cues for some of them over the years. Jack Madden
  4. Jack Madden

    What are you doing for ventilation

    Dust collector on all machines, mask for all operations, spray booth ventilation with outside air thru mask and protective clothing. Don’t want to be breathing thru a tube when I get old.
  5. Jack Madden

    Need help Identifying this cue Maker.

    Long before Hitler the Navajo Indians (and other tribes in southwest) used this design in their rugs, blankets, jewelry, trade goods. Think it was also used in pottery designs. This was before WW2. Lived in AZ for over 50 years and have several items made by them. But not that design. If you...
  6. Jack Madden

    Custom cue question

    I built a custom cue 20 years ago based on the customers spec on weight, length, points, wrap, inlay, woods. Turned out it was a copy of another cuemaker design except I did recuts not veneered points but inlay same. I didn’t know it was a copy but got ripped on this forum for it. Luckily was...
  7. Jack Madden

    Transfer decal?

    Just sign the shaft.
  8. Jack Madden

    Possible Cue Butt Straightening Device? (Too warped to turn down)

    Wood always wants to move the way it wants. Old cues have more mileage and age so.. there are construction methods for current makers to use to fix moving. Number 1 is after you build a cue and it warps DO NOT SELL IT.
  9. Jack Madden

    Shooting Pool Out West

    Thanks for post. Not sure about rest of country, but know the little towns in nw Montana in 1920 plus had a “pool room”. Don’t have them anymore but think every bar has at least one table if not more.
  10. Jack Madden

    Hardtimes, Bellflower, California

    Lots of memories of Markulis and Hardtimes. Don’t realize at time until it’s gone and just a memory
  11. Jack Madden

    Best Moves for a Hustler To Use

    Can’t hustle pool like it was in 60s, 70s,80s, because communication is instant. Hustler showed up in poolroom and no one knew who they were. Now everyone knows due to picture, internet info, etc. Bygone era.
  12. Jack Madden

    Stephen Holem

    Yes, had some health issues for awhile, but doing good. Enjoying life and still loving pool.
  13. Jack Madden

    March "Caption This" photo

    Maybe they won’t see me.
  14. Jack Madden

    Longer cues

    Weight of cue is dependent on materials used to build it. Woods all weigh different. Metal joints are heavier than other materials. Bolts and screws of different material or size varies. So cuemaker can make some adjustment by understanding weights of materials he uses in building cue to...
  15. Jack Madden


    Except when it just disappears. And cue just disappeared usps next day. And how did someone steal it or they can’t find a package 36 inches long? Sad and mad is an understatement.
  16. Jack Madden

    How to buy a custom cue

    Hit is where it is. Each player have preferences for weight, balance point, wrap, shaft size, tip, points vs no points, etc. But feedback I get is the “hit”. That seems to be most important to most of my customers. And that involves how cue is put together (cored and bored, not cored, bolts...
  17. Jack Madden

    Legacy Billiards

    Yes, I am old school. Like the big tables. Not too many in Montana, except for fortunate few who have home table.
  18. Jack Madden

    Stephen Holem

    Congrats on your tournament win.
  19. Jack Madden

    Proud owners of custom cues, what do you do with the spare shaft?

    Always build 2 shafts on custom. But occasionally customer only wants one so one it is.