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  1. ccn7

    Stiffed by AZ'er Traa89 Trey Sprye :-(

    We need to make a quick referance list of rip offs. I can add a name or 2 myself. top of my list... Eddy Wheat... most of you know of his scam but maybe the info will help a newbie like i was when he got me.. sorry about your lost.
  2. ccn7

    1000th post Mega Millions

    i too havent posted in awhile, but who can resist this offer. Thank You and best of Luck to all of us. 1000 post,way to go, its guys like you that keep the forum alive. Thank You for that also.
  3. ccn7

    5 cues for $1200.00

    1. matching set : play cue w/2 shafts,1 shafts is purple heart lots of purple heart. jump/brk purple heart shaft G-10 pin cue made by Brent Hartman of BHQ. 2. 60" BY Gene of Crown cues 3. 60" made by gene with a Kevin Varney Shaft. orginal was donated 4.meucci orginal. totally redone by...
  4. ccn7

    few items for sale

    the mac is a cheap one. bought it for the wife staright not at all fancy blk wrap with a purple dye on cue. Shaft is orginal new tip a few yrs back. not played with much. I have pics just cant remember how to share them. i have some in cue review section some place.
  5. ccn7

    few items for sale

    Selling the following items. 1. Custom BHQ playing cue xtraP/H shaft all made by Brent Hartman $350 2. Custom Matching J/B cue $300 3. Custom Jump cue. by Brent $20 4. Custom playing cue 60' made by Crown cues $350 5. Custom playing cue made by Crown Cues orginal shaft used by BJ and...
  6. ccn7

    Keep Watching "The Color of Money"

    Thats wonderful news. So much to look forward to when you get good news. We here in Calif. are happy for our Pride and Joy and of course for you to Jen. May all the best come out of this for both you. And for us Keith McCready Fans,still hoping he will return to Calif and play one more time.
  7. ccn7

    FS:Varney Shaft with a Elforyn ferrule full 13mm shaft Free Dufferin Butt with it

    I have a varney shaft already, and would be interested in another. Would you consider a trade for a 1st gen Z shaft. uniloc. blk collar silver ring. no dings dents, almost new. also have a sleeve for it.I
  8. ccn7

    This Crap Brent [BHQ] The Secret Out!!!

    Great website Brent. You know how much i love my matching set you built for me. And the BHQ jumper i bought matches the set great. I tried the email thing but got messed up. if you like i will find my ole review and post, or just go and tell everyone what an awsome guy your are to deal with, how...
  9. ccn7

    show off youre matchd pair of cues

    My first set of customs made by BHQ, Brent Hartman. Too pretty to play with, but i do and what a solid hit i get with them PH shafts. Thanks everyone for sharing some very very lovely cues. Thanks Brent.
  10. ccn7

    I miss Keith playing...anyone else??

    Just hearing Keith's name brings back alot of great memories for many of us. His style of playing is an art to watch, his comments while playing would make you bust a gut, while he busted your horse. Kinda funny but i look now at Keith as the Organgrinder and some of his oppents as the monkey's...
  11. ccn7

    OLD Billiards Digest Magazines 1993-2000

    payment sent. thank you
  12. ccn7

    Any Mosconi Cup Team Predictions?

    So many great players out there. All the teams mentioned by everyone are powehouses. Mine might be: Capt. Nick J.A SVB Corey Earl, btw has the best win record. Gabe are we getting big enough for 2 teams,
  13. ccn7

    10,000 Ball Marathon for The United Way

    So sorry to hear about all the BS. Doesnt matter to us that support you and your cause what the final numbers were we all still love ya and are so proud of you. As for the shaft do what you want, keep it, sell it or send it back. Put it up for auction. ask Gene @ Crown Cues if they would like to...
  14. ccn7

    10,000 Ball Marathon for The United Way

    I just came from the live stream and David is at 8325 balls. OMG this is just an amazing thing to do for such a great cause. What a great way to share his talent and give back some to the game and promote it at the same time. Your the Man for sure BJ.
  15. ccn7

    Challenge matches from Galveston

    I watched it. I saw two men that showed they are human and get tired sometimes. i watched two men who didnt exactly play their best. but you know, it my case i enjoyed every minute of it. i got to watch a couple of pro's knock some around, got to listen to Joey A and Danny H. Those two are...
  16. ccn7

    Women's Pro Tournament

    My Horse lost, so i'm a bit down.But my hat goes off to you and Nick for such a fantastic job in the booth. i had the pleasure of meeting Nick and hope to meet and greet with you some day too Joey A. Great job thanks so much.
  17. ccn7

    My take and general review on the 14.1 event

    Great to hear a good time was had by all, and especially you . In the booth, on the playing field, doesnt really matter. Your being there will always add to any tournement. Thanks for sharing. And best of luck on your practice. ps. 1st
  18. ccn7

    10,000 Ball Marathon for The United Way

    Here is the info you requested. I was going to PM you, but figured this could work as a bump for your cause. The shaft is a 30" hard maple shaft w/12" pro taper, an Ivorine 3 ferrule and 13mm Hercules H2 tip. The collar is blk phenolic. the joint is 3/10 stainless pin into wood threads. Not sure...
  19. ccn7

    10,000 Ball Marathon for The United Way

    Best of luck with this David, BTW, I have a Z shaft uniloc i will give you if you can used it if you need a 3/8-10 i have a brand new shaft fron Crown Cues Gene, i would donate to you. if interested in either let me know.
  20. ccn7

    WTB Uniloc predator shaft

    Z-shaft, 1st gen, European taper, blk collar, silver ring, uni-loc, less than 10 racks on it. no dings or blueing. Orginal tip, 11.75. also have a sleeve for it. 140.00 + shipping . Not interested in trade. Thank You, floyd ccn7 tibbetts