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  1. Predjo

    Ralf Souquet

    :thumbup: i coudn't agree more with you
  2. Predjo

    Ralf Souquet

    I think what makes another difference, if you compare Ralf to other Players, is the fact that he takes Pool to such a professionnal level that i think no other player, even Efren, Archer etc. will bring such a professionnalism to the table as he does. he shows no emotions at all, tries as noone...
  3. Predjo

    Ralf Souquet

    I'm just not getting it... For me, beating 5 or 10 worldclass Players in a row (doesn't matter at all if the race goes to 8, 9, 10 whatever...) as Ralf did along his career, is a bigger achievement than playing some stupid race to 100 against one single guy. i'm even sure that he would win the...
  4. Predjo

    Meucci black dot V/S 314-2

    Truth to be told...
  5. Predjo

    Can cues change over time

    Would be interesting to know if they are still as straight ass they were 20 or 30 years ago due to the wood that is settling down. Any experiences?
  6. Predjo

    Eurotour Hungary followed by 2 Top Class Tournaments

    Didn't find anything about the following tournaments, so here we go; Text from Mr. Gre Leenders, President of the EPBF: __________________ Dear all, As we already informed you I herewith send the first information for the “Beassy Billiard Festival in Eger City / Hungary. As you can see the...
  7. Predjo

    Predator p2 or a custom downey

    You are wrong. P2 cues were the last ones made in USA. All the new ones (including the P3) are build (or should i call it "cored" :smile: ) in China.
  8. Predjo

    one handed?

    well in this case, taking on the shot would not be the right decision in my eyes. (perhaps making the pot would not be the problem, but what about cueball control?) wouldn't be a controllable safety the better choice? :wink:
  9. Predjo

    one handed?

    i would - by far - prefer to play a shot using 1 or even 2 bridges to reach the cueball than to play one handed. A one handed shot is always more difficult to control than playing with the bridge. i honestly wouldn't even try to get used to this kind of playing even if you succeed some times in...
  10. Predjo

    A nice pair of Searings...

    love the ringwork on the one with the ivory joint... :)