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  1. Kevin

    First time ??????

    Come on... more tales of wonder folks. DIsh! wanna know what got you in the game. Some money, some power over the dancing armies, some the physics, competition, social interaction, oohs and ahhhs of the crowd.... what what what drives this (one of many) passion in life?
  2. Kevin

    ok, this is rough

    Sorry to hear this, Grady. I will miss her. You may recall 2yrs ago at Derby City during the fire drill, you were doing some gambling or in a mood or something, so Randi and I slipped across the street to the bowling alley for 2hrs or so and had a long chat over beers... she told me her love...
  3. Kevin

    Your Opinion Of Dcc's Diamond Tables

    OK, I stand corrected... what do the diamonds use and where are the key differences in your opinion then? Could it just be that the rubber on diamonds is newer and softer, while GC's tend to be ancient with relatively dried out rubber?
  4. Kevin

    DCC 2009 where is it going to be held

    Thank you, Ste, you and your pretty baby Euro pool Ref Tanya whom I met first time at the DCC are case in point, and you know I like the dark beer, so I accept. Cheapskates stay home; but if you can, come to DCC and prepare to enjoy the big show.
  5. Kevin

    DCC 2009 where is it going to be held

    As an ecomics graduate, I agree with the analysis above, ceterus parabus (all other things being kept equal), however, DCC is an event like no other. Where else can you rub shoulders with the TOP pool players on this planet, or get into a 460 great players banks/1P/9Ball tournament for...
  6. Kevin

    If this was you first trip to the DCC Please Report on your experence

    Gabe Owen brought his rottwieler, said the hotel was OK if you paid a damage deposit up front.... most dogs don't tear up rooms, some do, ask about my grandpa's Wiemaroner Rudy that got pissed off locked in a car and dug out the back seat. Berry Berhman also showed up with a pet, as did a couple...
  7. Kevin

    Dcc, billiard and Az pics

    When Gerald played me, he didn't need to bring out his big-assed guns to knock me down (laughing!)
  8. Kevin

    If this was you first trip to the DCC Please Report on your experence

    Great event, it is pool players old home week. All the characters from the pool world show up, and even if you don't know their names, you know the types, young guns, pro's, shifty gamblers/hucksters, good ole boys, bullshitters and railbirds, etc. on through the pantheon of types. -Get a room...
  9. Kevin

    AZ room

    Veni, Vidi, Vici. Then I dogged it some. Great fun, good folks. Kevin from Japan
  10. Kevin

    Your Opinion Of Dcc's Diamond Tables

    Diamond tables are quite different from Brunswick Gold Crowns. For one, they use Artemis K55 profile rail rubber, not K66 as do GC's. The profile is the angle in degrees the rubber is slanted... for a crude graphic, this might be a 66 degree profile, with ball nearby: >0 and here is a 55...
  11. Kevin

    Derby City Classic 2008 - who's coming?

    Hey talk to me. Last year had plans then family issues. This year it is a Boeing 757 from Narita Japan to Dulles, then a 737 direct to Kansas city, christmas with family, this morning some flight from MCI to Chicago then another to Louisville, arriving 5pm or so. Count me IN, baby. See you all...
  12. Kevin

    Finding dead balls in the pack

    exactly what I'm talking about. Nice example PJ.
  13. Kevin

    Who Will Come To DCP's Lair?

    Bedford Illinios? Rings a bell perhaps from geography class. May be on my way from Lawrence KS I-70 to the Derby City Classic this year, hoping hotel etc. is available now. I have criticized a few of your "Why can't I run out from here" posts, but if you want a sparring partner for a night to...
  14. Kevin

    Pool Video Database Q's

    Thanks, I will look into Excel.
  15. Kevin

    Pool Video Database Q's

    Over 10 years I have taped broadcast TV pool events (snooker, 9-ball, 1-pocket, straight pool, mens, womens, Mosconi Cup, WPC, WPBA, Accu-stats, ESPN, etc.) and have amassed a collection of over 120 tapes with generally 6hrs of mixed stuff, with each tape titled numerically by start date... e.g...
  16. Kevin

    Finding dead balls in the pack

    It's one of the Dark Arts of playing. Beyond Ray Martin's 99 critical shots, I would consult Byrne's books and videos, and not overlook standard trick shots. Trick shots give you a practical (and fun) lesson in throws, caroms, etc. And some that show balls automagically clearing the path before...
  17. Kevin

    Gambling and Airballs, dealing with.

    Right on. Yes, for a buck asking to post is a bit much. If I turn the guy upside down, no doubt four quarters shake out... but really. Completely agree, file it away, it was a cheap lesson in how cheap some drunks (and I have been drunk, but not so cheap as to gamble my character {that I...
  18. Kevin

    one pocket tapes or dvds

    excellent commentary, great post Like Gulfport Doc sez, if you are a fan of one-pocket especially, head over to for their recommended videos, but word to the wise in the forums stay peaceful and quiet and read much before posting because the old farts who know the best pocket...
  19. Kevin

    Gambling and Airballs, dealing with.

    I have wagered at billiards "knowing" my skill exceeds that of opponent, and more often than not won... but sometimes your opponent says, "oops, don't have the cash right now..." What are some sensible ideas from settling up from there, short of Mountain Mike's ideas of getting in the face with...
  20. Kevin

    SVB or Corey, who won?

    It would take an asteroid to bump me from 45km East of Mt. Fuji and ricochet towards this match, and it would take a miracle of GC III tables to land me intact.