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  1. Jimmy C-Note

    Disappointing gesture from Shane

    How can anyone draw an analogy between just walking on carpeting and intentionally wiping a dirty cue tip on carpeting? If a comparison were to be made a more accurate description would be intentionally wiping your dirty shoes on carpeting instead of wiping them on a doormat or floor mat made...
  2. Jimmy C-Note

    Disappointing gesture from Shane

    Classless move, but has not changed my opinion of Shane. If for some reason many people do it and it has become accepted by some, it's still not the right thing to do. If not ok in someone's home why would it be ok in someone's place of business? If anybody does that on the carpet that my home...
  3. Jimmy C-Note

    Can't watch pool anymore, Snooker is so much nicer

    Gotta admit, I have been watching more snooker than pool lately.
  4. Jimmy C-Note

    how has pool play changed over time?

    This is somewhat insignificant for most but I don’t remember any other color but green cloth on a table years ago.Maybe a home table but not at the halls. I did not travel the country so my knowledge on this is limited I suppose. This doesn't actually have anything to do with how pool has...
  5. Jimmy C-Note

    Home table guys, how much do you practice a week?

    Varies. On a good week 2 to 3 hrs. a day. On a bad week, nada.
  6. Jimmy C-Note

    Outsville Order of Tecno-Dud.

    Not pissed off here. Thanks for the info, and I mean all of your experiences.
  7. Jimmy C-Note

    Generation Gap/Millennials/Pool/Sports

    Millenials have not had it tougher (and in some ways have had it much easier) than any other generation. Many of them just whine about it more than other generations. Some people just love playing the victim.
  8. Jimmy C-Note

    Expanding Interest In Pool

    My thought exactly! Although they could just be practicing for league. (where they are probably on a man hunt also).:grin:
  9. Jimmy C-Note

    Generation Gap/Millennials/Pool/Sports

    Agree, not nearly as cut and dry as many people may think. This generation does have the availability to verify what they are being fed more than an "old timer" like me had,but where are they getting verification? Facebook? Twitter? From their liberal college professor? If that is the case the...
  10. Jimmy C-Note

    What is it?

    Boy does that bring back memories.I don know about the Smithsonian but maybe a billiard museum.Thanks for the photo.
  11. Jimmy C-Note

    Amazon and Winning One Pocket Book has me laughing all the way to Bathroom!!!

    Should at least have free shipping.
  12. Jimmy C-Note

    Best template rack?

    The only template rack that I have tried is the Magic Rack. Always gives a nice tight rack for me. For the record, I have never eaten s**t or swallowed puke :barf:
  13. Jimmy C-Note

    Jeremy Jones vs Efren Reyes Exhibition Rusty's Billiards Fort Worth Tonight.

    Thank you!, and TIA for the direct link.
  14. Jimmy C-Note

    What's inside your Maple Shaft?

    Chevy Rules!
  15. Jimmy C-Note

    What's inside your Maple Shaft?

    It's not the same without photos. Where are the photos of the maple shaft thats been broken over your knee? :smile:
  16. Jimmy C-Note

    Solid Leather Tips

    Another Triangle user here. At least for now.
  17. Jimmy C-Note

    What is inside of the REVO shaft?

    If the REVO shaft is such a work of art and the balls just seem to magically jump in the pockets, why did the owner of said shaft bust it over his knee? :shrug:
  18. Jimmy C-Note


    You forgot ill-educated and under or wrongly informed.
  19. Jimmy C-Note


    Change does not always mean better, thats why some things should stay the way they were. I would love to hear, specifically why your Father is delighted that things have moved on as you put it. Moved on from what?