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  1. Paul Juarez

    Rum Runner results?? Scroll half way down on the page and you will see the brackets.
  2. Paul Juarez

    Rum Runner results??

    I'll do my best here based off the brackets... 1st - Dennis Orcullo 2nd - Roberto Gomez 3rd - Warren Kiamko 4th - Mitch Ellerman 5th/6th - Scott Frost & Marc Vidal 7th/8th - Vilmos Foldes & Jeff Schilder 9th-12th - SVB / Oscar Dominguez / Johnny Kang / Donnie Branson 13th-16th - Ronnie Allen /...
  3. Paul Juarez

    Mezz West State Tour Stop #2

    Jaynard Orque over Ernesto Dominguez in the finals.
  4. Paul Juarez

    60 inch cue ,the difference

    I went from a 60 inch cue to a 57 1/2 inch cue. One of my flaws was having a long bridge. I thought maybe if I bought a shorter cue,it would force me to shorten up my bridge. It definitely did help but it took me around a year to fully adjust. I found that I was more accurate with a shorter...
  5. Paul Juarez

    Final Four - Chet Itow Memorial Tourny

    Santos Sambajon vs Gerardo Jamito - Hot seat match tied at 5-5...race to 8. Below is the link. Come join us in California!
  6. Paul Juarez

    Terry Stonier Memorial 9 Ball Tournament

    Mike took 13th-16th.
  7. Paul Juarez

    Congats Oscar for your win at TS

    Great win Oscar! Well deserved.
  8. Paul Juarez

    i stopped by crown to see mika

    Good seeing you there buddy...and yes, that was the worst pool I have seen you play. :-)
  9. Paul Juarez

    Jointed Cue Billiards Sacramento

    Angel, I'll see you there buddy!
  10. Paul Juarez

    AZers at Swanee Feb 7 & 8 - who will be there?

    I'll be there, the Swanee is always a good tourny.
  11. Paul Juarez

    Tiger X Ultra Shaft vs Predator 314

    I believe Neil...aka Fart Sniffer... works for predator. Could be wrong.
  12. Paul Juarez

    Tiger X Ultra Shaft vs Predator 314

    Don't know if this was stated in this thread already, but didn't Shawn Putnam win a couple events on the UPA back to back, after he switched to Tiger? I could be wrong. Just curious.
  13. Paul Juarez

    Tiger X Ultra Shaft vs Predator 314

    Tiger X shafts are great. I played with one for awhile, and never had any issues. I have never used a predator shaft, but I can tell you, you will not be disappointed with a Tiger. JMO
  14. Paul Juarez

    Unknown "monster" players

    Jay, I actually saw Vera Cruz in Modesto about a year ago.
  15. Paul Juarez

    Best Attitude

    My vote goes to Dave Hemmah. Great attitude!
  16. Paul Juarez

    New computer virus came out Saturday.

    Lucky you!
  17. Paul Juarez

    Vote for anyone except Austin Murphy

    Well said @ Beetles comment. Jealous underachiever is right on the money.
  18. Paul Juarez

    Looking for players in Bratislava

    Everything I learned about Bratislava came from the movie Hostel. Good luck!
  19. Paul Juarez

    Vote for Austin Murphy

    You got a vote coming from me Austin. Hope it works out!
  20. Paul Juarez

    "draw for show, follow for dough"

    I believe that changing the natural rotation of a ball is obviously harder to control.