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  1. technoid101

    Where Do You Get Overlays.

    My apologies to the professional cue craftsmen out there. I own a production plane jane cue. really nice deep red double wash staining. I want to add something to the but and forearm to personalize it some. I've been searching the net looking for decals or some such sort of thing but no luck...
  2. technoid101

    Case Maker In U.S.A?

    So I'm in the market for a new 2x2 case. My original box case is wearing out. Are there any production case makers in the U.S? Not that the custom shops won't have what I want, I'm just not in that price range and I prefer U.S. products.
  3. technoid101

    Help with pin size

    Pin Size That looks like a 3/8 x 10 to me. 3/8ths refers to the pins size in cross section and the 10 refers to how many threads per inch. Popular with flat faced wood to wood joints. I have no idea what or who the manufacturer is.
  4. technoid101

    Viking & Schmelke What a Pair.

    Hi everybody. If you’re in the market for good production house cues here is my review of two products. Viking’s, V-110K with the LD Vikore® shaft and Schmelke’s Sneaky-Pete R-065. I purchased these as players about 6 months ago and have been using them equally getting a feel for performance and...
  5. technoid101

    AZB Warning Email.

    Thanks Sometimes people just do stuff to see what happens. I got two of the warnings each stating a separate IP. No big deal just curious. Thanks for the (snort) information!
  6. technoid101

    AZB Warning Email.

    I recieved an email from saying that there was a failed login attempt of my account, (these fourms) It provided the IP address of the attempting source. Would someone please enlighten me here, is this a hack or did I just forget my password one time too many?
  7. technoid101

    Schmelke Secret?

    I have read here, and on other boards, about products from Schmelke USA. I have yet to come across anything derogatory about how their cues play the quality of materials or workmanship. As far as I can discern they appear to be the # 3 production cue house in the U.S.A. What puzzles me is how...
  8. technoid101

    What’s in your (cue) Joint? (pic’s)

    In the picture below are a few,(can’t post e’ m all), of the major production houses offerings for two piece cue joint styles. I pulled these from their respective websites.( Schmelke , Viking , McDermott.) This is not an endorsement of any particular brand, I just wanted some good...
  9. technoid101

    Beginner that needs help finalizing decision!

    measurman, thanks for this info. I was clueless on this point.
  10. technoid101

    Wood Joining Technique Opinion Question

    Prong splice VS screw together parts Hey, I guess I should clarify that this is in reference to how on a 2 piece cue the handle and sleeve sections are joined. Are there any mechanical strength advantages of one over the other? Thanks.
  11. technoid101

    Beginner that needs help finalizing decision!

    Buy Made In U.S.A My opinion, buy made in USA. I will for my next choice. I am on a tight budget and have been looking in the 100 to 150 range and found some interesting choices in the production market. I am looking at Viking's Vallhalla , Schemelke and McDermott. "Looking" is the operative...
  12. technoid101

    Bonus Ball, will you watch it or not!

    Don't Think So. I went to the WBPL web site for an introduction to this, watched some of the video of the first match That was all I could take. Sorry folks IMO,this one, the way it is now, is a looser.
  13. technoid101

    New Years Billiard Resolutions?

    Stop Procrastinating I have been putting off purchasing a good playing cue. Made in the USA is the way to go. Keep telling myself I don't deserve it cause I can't justify the cost with the way I play....
  14. technoid101

    Is There Some Hidden -or- Special Meaning To Your Unusual Az Name / Avatar?

    My choices. Username technoid, I'm a computer network tech / engineer by trade. I sometimes (allot) over detail explanations of everything and my friends started telling me how annoying it was, hence the noid. 101 is in reference to anything first learned. (ie History 101). Even though I have...
  15. technoid101

    Billiards Clocks

    Build It Yourself Check out my Avatar, I got the image from the web, looks a lot nicer in full size. I have for some friends of mine, purchased standard 12 inch wall clocks from wally world and replaced the face with pictures that I print out. I plan to do the same with the avatar but first I...
  16. technoid101

    Wood Joining Technique Opinion Question

    Thanks, I kind of thought so. Are there any advantages one over the other? From a materials stand point that is. My interest is in educating myself technically before I decide to purchase purely on aesthetics. It's the geek in me....
  17. technoid101

    Wood Joining Technique Opinion Question

    Without multiple cues to try to determine this on my own I wold appreciate your input's on this. Which type of wood joining technique produces the most hit feedback to the hand, pronged or screwed together? Thanks.
  18. technoid101

    Inconsistent stroke

    Forgot Basics As a casual player, the one thing that will through off my shot most often is forgetting to stay with it. I have often watched my fellow players(old bunch of VFW buddies) start to raise up, in mid stroke. I do it less often but every now and then I catch myself getting down on a...
  19. technoid101

    New Avitar

    New Signature line. Trying the signature feature.
  20. technoid101

    New Avitar

    What do you think?