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    Syracuse NY to Springfield Arkansas Pool Rooms

    Not ant pool rooms in Springfield Arkansas. They did get a convience store/ gas station a few years back though. Guessing you had the wrong state?
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    How To Break And Run 9-Ball

    Nice! Good explanations
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    Giving Up The Table

    I like this idea the best.:thumbup::thumbup: Around here anyway, you did the right thing. If you got the table you got the table. Not your fault he was ignorant of how things work. At least now he knows. You gave him a free pool lesson!
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    Ball banked hard to side pkt goes around out and in the corner?

    Oh that's the 'ol stroke- slip -stroke. ( Combination of the stroke slip and the slip stroke.) Works even better with a little swipe thrown in there... :rolleyes:
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    Experiments in looking at the cueball while delivering the stroke.

    I don't touch the floor with my cue or anything but for many many years I have practiced long straight in shots with my eyes closed or head turned. I was taught this by an old time hustler, Cotton Thomas (RIP), as a good way to get your stroke tuned up. I think most people here that have never...
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    Improve Your Play To Pro Level Without Aiming

    Anybody want to play some horseshoes?
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    No Aiming System?

    I bought one of the original copies from BC. When he updated it he sent me a free copy of the new one. I offered to pay him for it but he wouldn't take anything. That might tell you something about him. Just sayin'.....
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    Pool Players day jobs (No Doctors?)

    Wow. Thanks! I feel just like the Scarecrow in Wizard of Oz!! The sum of a high potomus of a triangle and all that! All these aiming systems are becoming crystal clear now too. Wow.
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    Pool Players day jobs (No Doctors?)

    I went to the school of hard knocks. Don't think I'm a doctor tho...
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    2018 AZB Ghost Challenge - Official Thread

    Yeah, a bigger table gives you a little more room to get around on and usually the balls spread out better. You get some longer shots but as long as your aim is good that doesn't make too much difference. Sounds like you were doing better on the bigger table. Welcome aboard!
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    Estimating Shot Angles

    Hi Brian. I use Poolology a lot like this. I'm mostly a "feel" or "instinct" shooter after 45 years of playing, but find this a great tool to have when the shot just doesn't look quite right. I don't use any math. Poolology just makes it easy to see for instance if that is a half ball shot, or...
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    New to Forum - Szamboti owner

    Cool story! Welcome aboard. Hope you get a lot of enjoyment with your new Gus!
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    Hand Position during the stroke:

    ^^^ What he said...
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    What Happens to Your Stroke at a Certain Age?

    That kinda sums me up lol. In my early 60's now and can't do anything as good anymore, not just pool. I accept it though and still like to play. Rheumatoid arthritis doesn't help any though and 30 minutes on my home table is about all I want at a time.
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    Ferrell aiming

    Now I don't know if I'm coming or going.... :confused:
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    Is it, or isn't it 30 degrees?

    Personally, I find that a rolling CB does real well with this system. When I use draw and stun I compensate for throw with a little outside usually. For me, I will line up according to the system but if I feel I'm a little off I will adjust a little. Works for me. I don't use it for every...
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    Is it, or isn't it 30 degrees?

    Methinks Mr. Kramden needs a Poolology book...
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    5/16x14 shafts

    PM sent on 30"
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    Ferrell aiming

    I always thought the front was the front and the back was the back. Guess I had it backwards... :confused:
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    50 Years Married Today

    Congratulations! That's more than all my wives and girlfriends put together!