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    Benifits of pocket reducers

    I played with a set of those pocket reducers the other night and liked them. Anybody have any feelings about them? Let me know.
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    tableless drills

    both helpful thank you both for the advise. much appreciatted more wisedom welcomed.
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    tableless drills

    i dont own a pool table and still wanna practice at home when i can so what can i do other than the bottle drill
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    Schuler original

    bump great price for a beautiful cue
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    Joss Cue for Sale

    Beautiful Cue Extremely nice cue i no some one looking for a joss. contact travis92 he would be pretty interested i think.
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    How do i remove the blue chalk residue from my shaft.

    any suggestions would be appreicatted.
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    How do you control your masse

    i can masse but it does no good when i cant aim proper.
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    wood river, illinois

    Uh how far you feel like driving ?
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    any feelings about a jacoby?

    Tell me some thing.
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    Best tables overall

    Looking for a nice table. Whats some of the best set up-s have you used. Cloth Rail Slate Thickness Balls Length
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    Cue "Hit" rating system.

    I wouldnt use a rate system. instead of rating it like one to ten use a comparison system like shon to jacoby. or maybe combined them like a 6 is a predator, or high end Meccui
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    Shipping Questions

    Thanks for your input. you all get props on the quick feed back thanks
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    Shipping Questions

    How do i make sure that buying a cue is not a scam? Im new at this and im worried about sending a guy money and i get an empty tube in the mail or a different cue that was not the one i bought. Is there any way to ensure the cue will be sent.
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    ****jacoby priced to sell at 575$!!!!

    Ill buy Hey im strongly interested. My number is 618-314-0711. Call and ill work out a deal with you. Thanks Jacob Mueller