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  1. RakRunr

    Variations of 8ball let’s hear them all

    It's probably not an original idea, but I came up with a game years ago I really enjoy called "Showboat". Most rules are regular 8-ball: open after the break, call pocket, BIH on fouls, etc. The differences are: all balls made on the break spot including the 8; no safeties allowed; and you...
  2. RakRunr

    Shooting Hard vs Rolling the Ball.

    Each player has a stroke speed they are most comfortable and confident with and will default to that speed whenever possible. For bank pool, hitting harder is one method used to flatten the angle of the bank. Others include top spin and inside English, and combinations of all three. The goal is...
  3. RakRunr

    Is your game more strategic or tactical?

    That's a great breakdown, and based on this I am 100% strategy over tactics. Plan your work and work your plan, constantly reevaluate and adjust, look at what's ahead not just what's in front of you, and play within your means. I might lose because of poor execution, but I don't want to lose...
  4. RakRunr

    Revo 12.9 users……..

    Absolutely personal preference. I use a 12.9 REVO with a fairly flat tip profile, so nickel or even quarter. I also think high-end tips in general are overrated and you can play just as well with any tip that is properly maintained.
  5. RakRunr

    Whitten not taking orders

    I have a custom Whitten case I ordered in 2019, completely bespoke, including the arrangement of the tubes. Joe's work, attention to detail, and customer service are of the highest caliber. I can see why he would not want to endanger the standard he has achieved by hiring outside help. I'm also...
  6. RakRunr

    Cuetec Breach vs Meteor

    This is spot on. I say this as a BK Rush owner - the vast majority of players will see little to no benefit from a "premium" break cue. My advice would be to buy something serviceable, within your budget, and that feels good.
  7. RakRunr

    Kamikaze cue tips

    My unpopular opinion about tips is most of the "premium" brands aren't worth the money. Kamikaze is less expensive and plays just fine. Everest is fine. Heck, a well maintained Le Pro is fine. I played with Aramith Hard tips for several years, but most people don't like a hard tip. My biggest...
  8. RakRunr

    BK Rush VS Cuetec Breach VS Power Break G

    The Pure-X is an excellent cue. I've advised many people looking for their first Break or Jump/Break to go that route. Still the best option *for the money* on the market.
  9. RakRunr

    Pool table light

    I have one of these as well, in fact the picture of the diamond table on this link is mine. couldn't be happier.
  10. RakRunr

    Cue extension

    I've been playing with a 12" extension full time for well over a year now, and I doubt I'll ever go back. I'm kinda short and kinda heavy, I have a longer than average bridge, and I grip a normal 58" cue at the end of the butt. I think having some weight/length behind my normal grip position...
  11. RakRunr

    Harrisonburg Va 2/15-2/16

    Gold Crown is my home pool hall and the only place to play nearby. The food is very good, the rates are cheap, and on Wednesday nights we have a 9-ball chip tournament. $20 to enter, starts at 7pm, free play to warm up starts at 6. It's a great group of guys, but there's not a ton of action. You...
  12. RakRunr

    You make the call: Bridge Stick? (Billiards Digest, Feb issue)

    Just for comparison, CSI General Rule 1-3, section 1f permits you to align a shot with your playing cue without holding it. All other equipment, including bridges, is forbidden.
  13. RakRunr


    In general, there is no rule against the number of cues. There are game exceptions though, such as one pocket (rule 5) which may permit jump shots, but not jump cues.
  14. RakRunr


    The line is in between explaining the rule (required if asked) and providing advice (prohibited whether asked or not). If a referee warns a player of a potential foul based on a proposed course of action, it's the same as giving advice, and is therefore not allowed.
  15. RakRunr


    Jay, I have nothing but respect for your long history of involvement with and support of the pool community. I also get that you disagree with and dislike the changes made in the rules. It is also apparent that nothing said will change your opinion on this issue. Nonetheless, your statement is...
  16. RakRunr

    8 Ball Rules Question

    The CSI rule is that if the error is discovered after the first shot, it is treated as a normal foul. If it is discovered after the second shot or later, the game will be reracked and replayed with the original breaker breaking.
  17. RakRunr


    The rules are based on whether a double hit occurs or not. While seemingly contrary to common sense, if the balls are frozen, there is actually no double hit, because the frozen balls act as a single mass. Not surprisingly, Dr Dave has a good video showing this in slow motion. While shooting at...
  18. RakRunr


    I seem to have struck a nerve here, so let me clarify: When I said they "probably should", what I mean is that a player should get the referee to declare balls frozen rather than doing so themselves. In a non-presided match, most "calls" are made by the players themselves - a referee only makes...
  19. RakRunr


    There are several facets to this situation. 1) "if the balls was actually frozen" (sic) - Yes, the referee can (and probably should) make that determination. 2) "if I could make a direct push shot" - The referee can inform you that, under the rules, shooting directly through a frozen shot like...
  20. RakRunr

    one pocket rule question

    You are never allowed to touch a cue ball in play. For instance, the disturbed ball rule does not apply to accidentally touching/moving the cue ball. Since freezing requires contact, it is not permitted.