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  1. Double-Dave

    How would you play this 9ball shot?

    Bank the 6 softly onto the short rail towards the 7 and the cueball with a little stun/draw and right hand side ideally off the other short rail behind the 9.
  2. Double-Dave

    Yellow micata

    If you are able to get the exact same stuff I am sure you'll be able to sell loads of it. I still have enough of the old stuff to last a couple more years but would buy more. In my opinion it is the single greatest material for ferrules for wood shafts, period (haven't tried it on carbon)...
  3. Double-Dave

    Considering a carbon fiber shaft for my Adam cue. Brands to look at??

    The carbon fibre shafts, espescially the ones with an extremely short ferrule do not compress much at all, all the give is in the tip. So on shots with center ball or just a touch of side they can feel much harder then a regular shaft, espescially if you're used to for example a Predator 314-3...
  4. Double-Dave

    What English To Use

    Use a lot of outside spin. So if you're cutting it to the right hand pocket a lot of left hand spin, the spin creates spin induced throw which means you can hit the 1 slightly (fractions of a mm) thicker and still cut it in. As many of the replies are mentioning, this shot while not impossible...
  5. Double-Dave

    Considering a carbon fiber shaft for my Adam cue. Brands to look at??

    For me the Ignite 12.2mm is still leader of the pack. It has (for me) noticeably lower deflection then the Revo 12.4 and Cynergy 12.5, the deflection is on par with the Revo 11.8 and the Cynergy 11.8. I will say that the Cynergy 12.5 delivers a LOT of power, but besides the deflection I also...
  6. Double-Dave

    Anybody see this insanity?

    Actually both of these happened. The rule is to replace the shot, which the ref did after drying the cloth which obviously took a while. When that was done the other side had allready left and effectively conceded, so he didn't have to take the shot anymore. The money was paid out.
  7. Double-Dave

    Balsa wood ferrule

    Balsa wood is way too soft to be suitable as a ferrule. I suppose it could be stabilized enough to make it suitable but then it would no longer be light.
  8. Double-Dave

    Lucasi Hybrid Cues with LC Logo on the Shaft (instead of LH)?

    Yes, happened quite a lot the last few years when they changed/updated their logos. Pie logos on non-laminated shafts and the other way around aswell, LC and LH mixed...clusterfuck for dealers who have to explain this to customers.
  9. Double-Dave

    Gorst returns to international play

    And Fedor is the man for the job ;-) Can't beat him if you're not allowed to play in the event.
  10. Double-Dave

    Gorst returns to international play

    If there's anyone's opinion I respect, it's yours Stu(y) Two majors they recently played in together is quite a small sample size, I am really excited to see what the next 10 or 20 will bring between this fantastic group of players we currently have will bring. My money is clearly on Fedor, for...
  11. Double-Dave

    Gorst returns to international play

    Many, many extra people will get Gorsted thanks to this. He is (IMO off course) at the moment the very best player on the planet and it's not really close either.
  12. Double-Dave

    DCC 9 Ball - Who's left?

    Seems obvious they need to add a day to the tournament or reduce the fields. Fedor is slowing down just a bit aswell, if Shane had a good power nap he might have a chance yet. Alex looks ready to collaps but obviously no quit in that man.
  13. Double-Dave

    DCC 9 Ball - Who's left?

    Could someone page Stu? The arena doesn't look right without him sweating the match. Thank you.
  14. Double-Dave

    DCC 9 Ball - Who's left?

    Alex wins 9-7, so that leaves Alex, Shane and Fedor still in it all with 1 loss. Not sure if anyone will get the bye automatically but no rebuys from here on out. 2 more rounds....
  15. Double-Dave

    DCC 9 Ball - Who's left?

    Alex is up 8-6 against Shane. If he wins then it's 2 more rounds💀
  16. Double-Dave

    DCC 9 Ball - Who's left?

    Does feel like everyone will get Gorsted today. He's playing very strong.
  17. Double-Dave

    DCC 9 Ball - Who's left?

    It's 10:41 allready ;-)
  18. Double-Dave

    DCC 9 Ball - Who's left?

    Just woke up here on my side of the pond and see we're still going strong with at least 2 more rounds after the current one and possibly 3. But, no more commentary, no more camera switching, no more refs?
  19. Double-Dave

    Why don't Snooker players use low deflection shafts?

    The most common method of reducing deflection in pool cues has been to drill a hole in the front of the shaft to reduce weight, sometimes replacing with a lighter wood or foam, sometimes leaving it empty. In a 13mm pool shaft you can drill a hole of 7mm and still have 3mm of wall thickness but...