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    found these 2 today, not marked, please help id

    looks like bubinga to me Brazilian cherry has deeper and longer open grain my opinion
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    Charleston, SC

    who remembers the golden cue that was on james island
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    Need help improving my cue maintenance / repair skill

    well all that i can say is welcome to the club , i would say that most got their start the very same way tips for self and friends, then from here it is practice, practice, practice, yes it is much like playing pool ,
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    Calling All Cue Sleuths: Need Help Identifying Cue Maker!

    Thank you have a great day
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    contact information Llewellyn

    hello you can contact us at 843-696-2577 Thank you
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    Calling All Cue Sleuths: Need Help Identifying Cue Maker!

    hello i dont look at my messages to often sorry for the delay in answering yes this is a cue i built at least eight years ago as it has the long 3/8ths joint pin and the way i signed the cue, that was a fine sharpie then we went to pencil and after that to present we use a archival ink...
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    Back in RSB land.. we had this thing going

    James Llewellyn i have been building cues getting close to ten years now part time James Llewellyn out of Goose Creek South Carolina
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    apus layered tips

    thank you for your feed back
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    apus layered tips

    any feed back on these tips ?