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  1. Schlosser Cases

    Mini lesson with John = 120

    Great job keep up the good work!!:D
  2. Schlosser Cases

    FS- 1982 Schon R14 Green w/ Onyx Dots on Points- 3 Shafts!!!

    Super nice cue. Good luck with your sale.
  3. Schlosser Cases

    FS-One of a kind Mottey

    Nice looking cue. Good luck with your sale.
  4. Schlosser Cases

    MANZINO: Mint Chocolate Box

    Super nice cue. Bobs work just keeps getting better!!
  5. Schlosser Cases

    dragon case

    Great work. Look forward to more pictures!!
  6. Schlosser Cases

    Finally! The elusive "100" on a diamond.

    Great job. Now its on to 200!!!
  7. Schlosser Cases

    Championship Tour Edition Cloth For Sale!!!

    Good cloth from a good guy!!!
  8. Schlosser Cases


    Nice looking Schon. Good luck with the sale!!
  9. Schlosser Cases

    MNSPA update

    Matt doing a hell of a job!!:thumbup:
  10. Schlosser Cases

    329 by Hohmann

    Wow that a big number!!
  11. Schlosser Cases

    Before & After

    Very impressive!!
  12. Schlosser Cases


    Thanks for the information.
  13. Schlosser Cases


    No information on Dallas West. How about bobby Hunter? Any thought would be great!!
  14. Schlosser Cases

    Instructional Path For New Players

    Mike Fieldhammer is very good instructor. He could help you out. Check out his web site. Billiard coach. Hope this helps.
  15. Schlosser Cases

    High end Paul Mottey for sale. Very Nice!!!!!

    super nice cue. Good luck with the sale!!
  16. Schlosser Cases


    Has anyone had instruction from Dallas West. Thanks for you information.
  17. Schlosser Cases

    How does a Carolina cue play? Comparisons please!

    The ones i have hit with have a softer to med. hit. Not like T.S. or a Schon cue. Hope this helps.
  18. Schlosser Cases

    P. Mottey Caps For Tikkler...

    Love your work. Thanks for sharing.