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  1. The Hamster

    Mistake,could have killed me last night

    Gotta be careful with that. I was driving in rural Quebec once at 5:00am and had a guy run down the side of the swale yelling and waving at me. Like you, I didn't stop. Looked like a nutter to me :-) There was a huge stone cliff on the right-hand side of the road and just as I got to the end...
  2. The Hamster

    Dress for pool success.......footwear?

    I agree. I have Mephistos that cost 3 times what I paid for my Rockport 'World Tour' walking shoes and they are not nearly as comfortable.
  3. The Hamster

    Hamster Tales

    I've read it... :-)
  4. The Hamster

    An Idea For A Pool Movie

    How's this? The Blood-Red Cue - David E. Malone - Mar 16, 2002 Back in the days when the old Gods ruled amid ignorance and strife A cue was built of sacred wood from a branch of the tree of life. The ferrule was carved from the bone of a roc and the points were unicorn. And the stain was made...
  5. The Hamster

    Whats the strangest thing you played for?

    Smorg classic... I can't believe anyone hasn't mentioned Smorg's match when he played someone called (I think) Jim-Bob for his "Bob". This was back in the old RSB days. Smorg, of course, won and started calling himself 'Tampa Tubby-Bob' while poor Jim-Bob was only allowed to call himself Jim...
  6. The Hamster

    My first Shooters tournament in Toronto, guess who I play.

    My wife was playing in a Scotch doubles tournament at Shooters Sunday and after they lost, her partner left. She had to play in the CPA league later so she had some time to kill. She was doing drills with shots down the rail when somebody tapped her on the shoulder and asked if she would mind...
  7. The Hamster

    What is the best match you ever played and won?

    When I first started playing pool I joined the VNEA. We played in some really ugly dives and I have some stories... like getting my cue butt caught in the pocket of a drunk staggering by... or the time I missed a shot because the waitress dropped a french fry on the table and it deflected the...
  8. The Hamster

    The Monkey Principle

    More like pure plagiarism... <g> I stole the original concept from a 'leadership' training course I attended once and adapted it to try and explain to JAM what was happening when she joined RSB back in the 'good old days'...
  9. The Hamster

    The Monkey Principle

    Having to still work for a living is hell, Joey. Otherwise I'd have gotten here sooner... :-)
  10. The Hamster

    The Monkey Principle

    I suggest you ask JAM - she was the original 'new monkey' and the reason I wrote the Monkey Principle in the first place...
  11. The Hamster

    Who are the 'Old Schoolers' of AZ

    If you haven't heard, Donald Tees passed away a few years back. I know who the WPBA pro is, but who was this waitress who kept giving you head? Inquiring minds, etc... <g>
  12. The Hamster

    The Meucci

    Almost vertically, thank &deity. Yes, Paul was one-of-a-kind and a true gentleman.
  13. The Hamster

    Show me your player!!

    Here's my 'geometric' Layani player... Sorry about the picture quality.
  14. The Hamster

    The Meucci

    Great article, Lou... as usual. Speaking of Meuccis, some of you may remember the late Paul Mon - a wonderful human being, as well as a pretty accomplished pool player. He made the trip to Toronto in March of 2001 with his favourite 'Moochi' in the trunk of his car... here's a couple of...
  15. The Hamster

    Post your Tuckers (TCW)...

    Show-off... :-) Here's a hybrid Tucker/Layani... one of a kind.
  16. The Hamster

    Billiard Blogger Needed

    Well, thanks, good buddy... :) I have no excuse except that I'm lazy and shiftless (plus I work on a computer 8 hours a day already). I used to write short stories on my lunch hour, but now that I'm working from my home, I have to make my own lunch. One of the guys in my wife's CPA league...
  17. The Hamster

    Billiard Blogger Needed

    Lol... those are the correct English spellings - we like to include you (U) in our words such as neighbour and colour. And, if I may remind u, the English DID originate the language. :-)
  18. The Hamster

    Billiard Blogger Needed

    The compensation is pretty minimal... back when I used to write tech stuff for PC Magazine and Byte, I got around $1,200USD an article - usually 1,000 words plus. Lessee... 300 words... $400? But good luck to them finding an enthusiast who'll do it for the love of the game and $30. Where's...
  19. The Hamster

    Who are the 'Old Schoolers' of AZ

    Hang in there, Jerry... I haven't been around in AZ that long because I'm one of the idiots who continue to post on RSB, but I was there before JAM joined. I can remember telling her about the RSB Monkey Principle... Some of you might recall... Donald Tees (the hippy fromWaterloo - RIP), Tony...
  20. The Hamster

    Layani Website = Virus Threat

    Thanks, Murray... here are some pics Thierry took of the one I have...