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  1. Cankerz

    What best custom cue with production cue price ?

    I bought a RAT cue with a McDermott i3 shaft from Ryan about 4 months ago and I LOVE it. All said and done it was right around 500. Pics here:
  2. Cankerz

    OB or Rat?

    My friend has been shooting with an OB cue for a while and I own an OB2 shaft that I've played with extensively. They both shoot very well. BUT, I have been shooting with a RAT for 4 months now and I LOVE it. I would highly suggest them. I ordered one with a McDermott i3 shaft and I don't...
  3. Cankerz

    Working on my break...what eye patterns do you use

    I agree with what a lot of other people have said on here. For the break I look at the cue ball last, which is different than any other shot I take. I was taught by a masters level BCA instructor and his advice was to always look at CB last on the break and then look at the OB last for every...
  4. Cankerz

    Custom Break Cue

    Stinger makes an Excellent break/Jump cue, I've had mine for a year and a half and love it. He custom builds them and they are a bit on the pricy side for a break, or he sold the rights to Mcdermott to make the cues and they sell them at a really affordable price. Here is the link His site...
  5. Cankerz

    Wanted:OB classic shaft 3/8X10

    I've got an ob2 3/8-10 with black collar
  6. Cankerz

    Portable Bridge

    I have a moosehead and love it. All the positions available make it possible to get the english you want on a bridge shot.
  7. Cankerz

    New player needs a cue

    My first cue was a Mcdermott and I loved it. I did just get a custom RAT cue and am now loving that.
  8. Cankerz

    My New RAT Cue

    My images didn't work the first time, here they are again. Butt end and Custom ring work on i3 The red palm sleeve Curly maple Forearm
  9. Cankerz

    have you found the one?

    Ryan Theewen, RAT cues, makes a great cue, I have had his for about a month now and I love it. I got an i3 on it and that is probably my favorite shaft.
  10. Cankerz

    My New RAT Cue

    I bought a cue from one of our fellow AZBilliards forum members RATCUES about a month ago. Let me say, I am super happy with it. Not only is it beautiful, it has a solid hit and nice feel. The red palm and curly maple compliment each other perfectly. I have had a lot of compliments already...
  11. Cankerz

    FS mint BCM Olivewood and Ebony

    That is pretty for sure, BUMP
  12. Cankerz

    Jump cue

    I've tried the tadpole, scorpion, lucasi, predator, and the outlaw. I ended getting the outlaw, not only did I like the feel of it the price was very low. I also like the simplistic look of it.
  13. Cankerz

    If you purchased a shaft FIRST, what pin size would you purchase for univerisality?

    Whatever you do remember that if you stick with the same size than all equipment you buy (cues, shafts, protectors) will be interchangeable, which means less money spending for you. Most major retailers can re-pin a cue for a small fee. Also, most custom cue makers can use a pin that you...
  14. Cankerz

    Which one to chose the Z2 or OB2

    I have shot with the Z2, OB2, Lou Stone Custom, Mcdermott i3, and the G-core extensively. Personally I LOVE the i3 by Mcdermott. It is slightly cheaper than the z2 and it shoots so well.
  15. Cankerz

    9ft. vs. 7ft. pool table

    I teach billiards at the university in my town, which has 9 footers, and then play an 8-ball league at the bars in town. I have found that the only issue I run into is cue ball speed. Therefore, the advice I can give you is to slow down your shots. Do a couple table drills on the 7 footer...