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  1. jemerson23

    looking for bk2, bk3 or mezz break cue

    BK2 OG. Linen. Awesome condition PM sent
  2. jemerson23

    29 inch Mezz Ignite **UNILOC**

    Message sent
  3. jemerson23

    Predator Throne 2-3

    Throne 2-3. Excellent condition. Butt only 1100 W/Mezz Ignite 1550 W/Jacoby ultra 1300 Excellent condition
  4. jemerson23

    Used predator uni loc butt

    This is a fake predator. Fits all predator uniloc shafts. Very nice fake. 170 shipped.
  5. jemerson23

    Wtb Ref BK Rush wrapless

    Pm sent
  6. jemerson23

    Sold Z2

    Check messages. I will take it
  7. jemerson23

    Sold Tsunami Kielwood shaft

    It's Hsold
  8. jemerson23

    Sold Tsunami Kielwood shaft

    Hsunami Shaft 5/16x14 joint Fits joss, schon, united mezz 3.5 oz 11.8mm 28"+ length shaft Rings match Mezz Just redone by Hsu. Includes 1.75" mid extension 400 bucks Shipped obo. Motivated seller
  9. jemerson23

    Bull Carbon

  10. jemerson23

    Mezz WX700 shaft. Brand new

    United or should fit most 5/16x14
  11. jemerson23

    Mezz WX700 shaft. Brand new

    Shaft was sent with a new Mezz cue. I have my ignite, so will not be using this. United joint or should fit most 5/16x14 220 shipped obo trades possible
  12. jemerson23

    Mezz MI2 with Ignite CF shaft

    SOLD +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  13. jemerson23

    Sold Mezz WX-900 shafts radial

    Curious. Wx900 came 12mm standard from mezz. These were turned down from 12.5?
  14. jemerson23

    Sold Mezz WX700 12.5m Shaft - 29" United Joint - Kamui Tip - Silver Rings + Joint Cap

    245 brand new on Mezz site. Probably why no bites. Great shafts though. Wish it was the 900.
  15. jemerson23

    Jacoby shafts and jump cues !!!!

    Come on man. Learn to check threads date. May 27, 2013
  16. jemerson23

    Mezz cue with hybrid 2 shaft

    Available? Thanks Jon