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    Free Drawing... Reintroducing the Accu-Racks!

    Looks good Chris just like everything you make looks awesome.cant wait to try love to give new ones work out.
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    Do You Play Any on Bar Tables?

    No only 9 footers we have bar tables.and also have pool rooms full of 9 footers
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    SVB vs Corey Deuel Video Up Now!

    Thanks Lenny and great stream over weekend
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    MD State 9 ball championship 9' tables March 14th

    Are you going post players list" So we can see who playing and see who the pro players that's playing if you do thanks
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    Last Saturday's lesson with Scott Lee

    Yes Scott is a great teacher.I spent ten hours at the table taking lessons from Scott
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    What Are Your Favorite Balls To Play With?

    I like super pro aramith with measle ball or red circle cue ball.And very clean set nothing better
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    The lets start a one pocket category thread

    I vote yes that would be great.
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    Official Super Billiards Expo Thread

    Won't be long be here soon I be going.Hope meet a lot of you guys.Pool heaven can't wait.good luck to all of you.And drive safe.Hit them straight in the pockets.Be there for the warm ups.
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    votes needed, like, dislike, couldn't care less

    Sure would make her day.Its not that bad. Won't see another cue with that look go for it.:
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    Had a Little Fun This Weekend

    Congrats well done not easy with all that to think about still won :):) way to go very nice job
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    Best 9-ball or 10-Ball Gambling Conditions

    I like it tight and fast :) 4 inch pockets 860 new cloth.