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  1. randytabares

    Segan Cue

    Wanted to buy a Segan Cue with SS joint, Send me a PM. Thanks.
  2. randytabares

    Custom Volturi Case

    Selling for a friend: This is a Joker themed case. 3x6 leather and used a few times. Asking 850. Paypal okay.
  3. randytabares

    Durbin Set

  4. randytabares

    Durbin Set

    Selling for a friend.......Playing Cue and Break. Playing Cue: Ebony Cocobolo Wrapless-Gambler Style Inlays Shaft is 12.75 with Med tip Break cue is Ebony and Maple-Very Hard Tip Cues are new and test hit. Asking 1600 for Set. Paypal okay. SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD
  5. randytabares

    Lakewood Shaft

    Looking to buy Lakewood shaft for Radial pin. 12,75 or under in diameter with medium/Hard tip. Black Collar. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.
  6. randytabares

    Cleaning or Polishing Balls

    Masters Chalk and Super Arimith Balls. Measle cue ball. I have been using turtle wax. Mabye that could be the problem. Thank you for the response.
  7. randytabares

    Cleaning or Polishing Balls

    What is the best method for cleaning pool balls? I built a ball polisher and use it but there is a film that shows up on the balls after a few racks of play. Chalk sticks to the cue ball and transfers to the object ball. Is there a better way to clean them?
  8. randytabares

    Ob 121

    Price Drop 400 Bump.
  9. randytabares

    Ob 121

    OB 121 Cocobolo Cue with two Classic Shafts. 12.75 on both shafts. One Moori Med. tip and one Everest. 450 Shipped Paypal. I will cover Fees. Thanks for looking. Text for question 479-295-5146.
  10. randytabares

    Sad news. Tim Scruggs past away last night.

    Prayers to his family. Very sad indeed.
  11. randytabares

    New Gold giveaway is Underway

    Pretty good give away. Good luck to all.
  12. randytabares

    2015 US Bar Table Championships 10-Ball Matches Released on YouTube!

    Will CSI be uploading any of the nineball matches to their channel? Thank you for the uploads.
  13. randytabares

    The end was near. Now it's come...

    I think its a great place to play with great food.
  14. randytabares

    Rate me

    Good Shooting and nice out. Pretty solid.
  15. randytabares

    Went Gold again...

    I went Gold again, This time with the two year option....pretty good deal. How long will it take to have the silver banner changed? I cant remember....Have a great day everyone.
  16. randytabares

    Birthday Wish

    This is what pool is all about. Made my B-day. Thanks again.
  17. randytabares

    Birthday Wish

    Thanks Guys!!
  18. randytabares

    Birthday Wish

    AZBILLIARDS wished me happy Birthday. I thought it was pretty cool. Thanks!!!
  19. randytabares

    Scooter, Family Man and Best Hustler in America

    I like it! Cant wait.