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  1. Jimt

    Favorite accu-stat commentator quotes

    Still not sure who said: "There touching but there not frozen". Johnny Archer? Buddy Hall?
  2. Jimt

    Happy Birthday - The Hustler

    The movie "The Hustler" is 50 years old today. So Happy Birthday.
  3. Jimt

    PPV Must Be A Fine Balance

    +1 .
  4. Jimt

    Does Thorsten Hohman gamble?

    Poor Djokovic......Only won something over 20 million US dollars plus what ever endorsements that come his way. But your "legacy" must be much better to look back on. Are you f'n nuts? There's a great line in the movie The Color Of Money that fits you; see if you can find it.
  5. Jimt

    Seminole pro tour
  6. Jimt

    Emerald Pro event LIVE at Noon

    It's up and running now:
  7. Jimt

    US Open 10 Ball - The Champion Is...

    Shane Van Boening
  8. Jimt

    Dechaine 8 and out vs Archer?

    I guess Johnny Archer "dogged the lag".
  9. Jimt

    Seminole Pro Tour updates

    Seminoleprotour: I see NOTHING about the current PPV event. No times, no player schedules....nothing! i wanted to purchase the event but I'd be buying blind. So I have to pass. I will check back tomorrow and if I see any information that gives me a little bit of who will/might be playing, a...
  10. Jimt

    Streaming Video for Seminole Pro Tour Stop at California Billiards?

    Anybody know if there will be live streaming for the 10-ball event? There was some streaming video yesterday but I can't find any info for today.
  11. Jimt

    Ultimate 10-Ball Championship Finals

    11:20 Coming up, the finals. Jeremy Jones vs Mike Dechaine. Jeremy is undefeated.
  12. Jimt

    Smooth me busted!

    Another look.
  13. Jimt

    Large butt cues

    Palmer (from the 70's at least) had a pretty large butt.
  14. Jimt

    REFUND DEMANDED for Archer vs. Strickland match!

    Doesn't it start all over again tomorrow? At a discount? Maybe $24.95?
  15. Jimt

    Earl/Shane Scoreboard

    Here's another pic of the Earl
  16. Jimt

    Earl tossed out of SBE...

    Allen............are you listening?
  17. Jimt

    honest opinion of commentary

    Perhaps watch a few broadcasts of tennis matches. Great commentary there. Poolbum: You are spot on! Primary focus should be the match and info about matches.
  18. Jimt

    mika vs. mike dechaine live stream

    No stream.
  19. Jimt

    Live Now - Gabe Owen vs. Johnny Archer

    Really D E A D !