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  1. CESSNA10

    Looks like the IRS are having second thoughts on the PayPal issue

    Of course, rest assured that when these crooks do implement it, it will be spent on some wasteful government boondoggle
  2. CESSNA10

    Pressing cue tips

    Why are you trying to change what the manufacturer makes. i suspect they know more about making a tip than pool players do.
  3. CESSNA10

    Joss cues

    As pt109 says, Buy direct from Joss or from Seybert's.
  4. CESSNA10

    If you could choose your pool super power

    Doing distracting things instead of sitting down with your mouth shut
  5. CESSNA10

    If you could choose your pool super power

    sharking is an excellent way to get a a cue stick busted over your head. I saw it happen twice years ago when I was in college.
  6. CESSNA10

    Cue wrap preference

    I prefer no wrap, just wood
  7. CESSNA10

    Lathe for tips

    Send your tip work to SEYBERTS. They are fair priced and do great work
  8. CESSNA10

    Dallas tip replacement?

    Ship it to Seyberts, always a quality job
  9. CESSNA10

    Gray is Easy on the Eyes

    Nothing wrong with gold
  10. CESSNA10

    True or False

    The match does not seem legit if sjm is not in his usual position
  11. CESSNA10

    Anyone know this site? I want to buy a cue from it

    JUST stay with Seyberts and you won't go wrong. Good outfit
  12. CESSNA10

    Linen to Leather Wrap

    Yes they are great, big selection, fast turnaround, quality work and fair price.
  13. CESSNA10

    Pocket Size

    Both players are playing on the same table. Enough said.
  14. CESSNA10

    Who makes the best wooden shafts?

    At age 77 and 65 years of pool shooting I have used about all of them. My choice would be the regular JOSS shaft. Consistent solid hit
  15. CESSNA10

    8 ball vs 9 ball

    Compared to 14:1 they both stink
  16. CESSNA10

    Never ever try to change a tip while high.

    I have one word for you. SEYBERTS
  17. CESSNA10


    But he is a lovable blowhard.
  18. CESSNA10


    Against todays pitchers he would not hit 10 home runs
  19. CESSNA10


    Recently while commentating a pool match Mark Wilson stated that pool was the most difficult of all sports. Having played baseball at the college level I would challenge Mark to try hitting a major league 97 mph fastball or a major league curve or slider. That might change his thinking.