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  1. Vanquiz

    Two items for trade

    Kensington expert mouse for the energy drink? Just bought it, cant get used to it.
  2. Vanquiz

    Perfect Aim....Free Phone lessons..........

    Wait, that was not me Gene, I was so busy havent got chance to play this week, but I just received the DVD, I will watch it first before I call you. Thanks again Seng
  3. Vanquiz

    Looking for softshot!

    Ahh, exactly the info I'm very curious to find out, thanks :grin: Rep for ya
  4. Vanquiz

    Efren Reyes' Magic Shots

    I guess by adding this code "&feature=player_detailpage#t=271s" at the end of the youtube link, and change the 271 (seconds) to whatever second that you want the video to be started/pointed. But how should I remember / copy paste that code easily :scratchhead:
  5. Vanquiz

    Efren Reyes' Magic Shots

    Wow, never knew that you can post youtube video, directly pointed at whatever seconds you want. Thanks :thumbup:
  6. Vanquiz

    Retired Mcdermott E-F6 plus Predator case

    Just helping with posting the pics, looks like a great deal ... Good luck with the sale ...
  7. Vanquiz

    Just about ready to give up....PPV

    Hmm, I really dont know how to help, but it was worked for me about an hour ago, purchased Saturday only. Try different browser perhaps?
  8. Vanquiz

    pleasures of small motions and the green felt jungle --cheap

    I'd take it, please PM me the paypal info Thanks Seng
  9. Vanquiz

    Last 4 Ever Tip Tool

    Thanks Joel, order placed.:thumbup:
  10. Vanquiz

    Last 4 Ever Tip Tool

    Nice video, finally I can see that the tool is not as big as I thought, nice perfect size, will order soon, if I'm getting both nickel and dime radius, would there be an easy way to distinguish them, or perhaps I should get one aluminum and one wood.
  11. Vanquiz

    FS: AWESOME 3 x 6 CASE

    Regarding warranty, et cetera, et cetera, you can contact directly, dont know what kind of warranty they have, but I've been using this case over half year with no problem whatsoever, carrying full 3 butts and 6 shafts at all times. It has heavy duty bottom. This case was bought...
  12. Vanquiz

    3 year old shooting jump shots

    Whoaaa, nice ... Champion in future, I can tell ... Best of luck for Aiden :)
  13. Vanquiz

    Joint caps \ custom made

    Hey Lonnie, nice to see you here, I ordered once from you before through Ebay. Great works :) To those that never met you before, maybe posting few samples of your work here will definetely get you some orders right away. Cheers, Seng
  14. Vanquiz

    cues stollen need somthing simple 2-3 hundred

    Black beauty Ebony Conversion by Doug Patrick, comes with 2 CM360 shafts by Duc Lam, $350 shipped.
  15. Vanquiz

    Brown 3x6 case by $125 shipped

    Updated with photos
  16. Vanquiz

    Brown 3x6 case by $125 shipped

    Bump, drop to $TRADED Trade offers with anything?
  17. Vanquiz

    Brown 3x6 case by $125 shipped

    Sunday Bump ... Dropped $TRADED
  18. Vanquiz

    Brown 3x6 case by $125 shipped

    3x6 Brown embossed leatherette/vinyl by $TRADED shipped, still almost new condition. I dont recall any scratch/scuff on the case, hard tube style inside. Stock photo, if anyone need detailed pics, I can try to take pics with my phone, my camera is broken at this time. UPDATED...
  19. Vanquiz

    FS: JD Custom 16 Point 16 Diamond Inlay Wrapless Tuxedo - Quick Sale???

    Dang, I was almost ready with my camera to take pics of my Bud cue :grin: Anyway, JD cue hits really well, at least I really really like it. Wish you luck with the sale, even though you know that I'm not really that sincere with that wish there, LMAO ;) J/K .... or not :cool:
  20. Vanquiz

    FS: JD Custom 16 Point 16 Diamond Inlay Wrapless Tuxedo - Quick Sale???

    Bump for a nice player ... Are you interested in a trade, Jason, or straight up sale?