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    BRAZILIAN Rosewood question

    Oil Rig expolsion Has anyone heard from Keeb since the explosion in the gulf? Keeb, if your safe and healthy I'm glad to hear it, but I'm sorry to hear about the tragedy that hit your brothers. Hope you're okay and hope to see a post from you soon. Sorry for the hijack everyone, but I...
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    Changing Phenolic Tip/Ferrule?

    This is some kinda joke right?? Come on Tiger, Get your panties out of a bunch and play nice. You aren't getting any answers for 2 reasons: 1) No one wants to answer anyone who shows no respect. Everyone plays and jokes on these forums. To reiterate SK's point, acting like a...
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    VF coming up

    Wow!!!! It's almost obscene how you showcase woods natural beauty with such simplicity. Amazing!!!!:bow-down::bow-down::bow-down:
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    pro taper question

    Can o' worms You asked a really loaded question because there isn't 1 or even 100 right answers. All custom cue makers use a "pro taper", but there are an infinite number of variations that can be considered a "pro taper". Joey's post is probably the best way to get a quick answer. Dave's is...
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    Inlay designs

    Adobe AI I have very limited knowledge of CAD software, but Adobe Illustrator is a great tool for cleaning up intricate designs.
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    what does "overlayed" points mean???

    Sounds like... From what I've heard, "overlayed points" is a sophisticated way of saying stickers.
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    Question abaut cuemaker video

    It looks like a grease pencil. The can be found in most art supply stores and even some hardware stores.
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    PIC request.......

    For the record... I'm just getting started with making sneaky petes and conversions and the most informative thing I've done so far is to cut up an old bar cue. For the last 6 months I've read most of the posts in this forum, watch the many available video, read books, and eventually just cut...
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    Masse jump cue????

    Thank You!!! Thank you for the great post Jamison! It definitely helps us novices get an idea how to improve our technique.
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    Any interest: Fossil Walrus tusks and teeth

    Still interested... If it' s considered fossilized and if you're shipping from WA, I'll take a piece or 2.
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    Any interest: Fossil Walrus tusks and teeth

    Hmmm... Are you selling ferrules or full pieces? How much per ferrule or per pound?
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    New wrap for Tony

    Nice!!! I've seen that cue many times, but it's never looked better. Well done Mr. Lee! :thumbup: