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    APA 2023 US Open Amateur Championship

    The US Amateur event is run by the APA, but has nothing to do with their league. Only benefit of being an active APA league member is a discount on registration fees. Congrats to Brett Stottlemyer, Brett played in this event many times before -- always came up short. He played excellent to...
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    APA 2023 US Open Amateur Championship

    I wish that they did a better job with the qualifier locations. very limited in some areas, especially in tristate region.
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    I am grateful I got to see that hall go from a family-kids amusement place to world class action poolroom. Sad to see it go. Once Masters closed on Queens Blvd, Steinway stepped up in a huge way and filled the absence of a 'true' action room in Queens, NY
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    The back rent from the COVID Pandemic was a major crushing blow.
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    Which Pocket...

    I agree with Measureman. Left pocket is my first instinct. I primarily shoot right handed
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    Table Presence

    Thank you for all the replies to the thread.
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    Table Presence

    Lately, I have been experiencing a higher level of "gamesmanship" during sets and match play. Had trouble fading an opponent that made efforts to maintain their presence at the table when it was not their turn. Any pointers on how to clear the mind from distractions?
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    Diamond "Red" label Bar box

    Trent, I am in Long Island , NY
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    Diamond Pro-Am question .

    how come only 4 cushions, I need 6
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    Diamond "Red" label Bar box

    All, Suggestions on what direction to go to change rails to play similar to blue label. I have a red label bar box Diamond table, I am way over due for new felt. At this time I do not want the action I get from the red label cushions anymore. way too much travel. I have my motivations to mimic...
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    God knows what you did! You should ask him? You: "God what did I do to get myself banned? " God: "I don't know my son, but maybe it's your face!"
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    Practice practice practice

    I am at the point where the use of my table time is spent playing.
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    People bitching about 7’ tables

    As long as its not an 8' table, God I loathe those.
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    US Open 9-ball updates thread..

    I see Geronimo is on winners side from USA, not familiar with him, any info?
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    7 foot diamond ruining my game

    read post, seemed to start out as a troll thread, but turning out to be hopefully good :):) I have a Diamond Bar box in my back great room of my house. I play in a straight pool league last few years, to mimic competitive conditions would be the only reason I would sell it. With proper drills...
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    SVB and Dennis score.

    are they playing to the finish today?
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    Torrefied Maple - OB Shafts

    I still wondering if the Prather shop is supplying most of the Keilwood for the cue-maker market.
  19. Runnintable

    Torrefied Maple - OB Shafts

    Prather Is Prather supplying the Kellwood to most of the cue makers and they are then finishing to order?
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    Steven Hendry states the most consecutive balls he's run

    Pro levels Seems to me that people have a hard time realizing and/or accepting how better the pros are then them.