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  1. ceebee

    Dime Radius or Nickel Radius?

    I have an inkling that the smaller the radius, the more throw might be the result. In Snooker, the radius is actually larger on the tip & the ball is smaller, so that difference doesn't give off more throw... or Squirt. Just a thought... think of it in these terms, the cue ball with it's 1.125...
  2. ceebee


    The facings are ROUNDER, the whole idea is to make the game hard to score or run out. We do have fun, but tempers will flare from time to time & everyone is your competitor & judge.... , i.e., what did you do that for, why did you leave the cue ball there, I'm tired of you hooking me.... Note...
  3. ceebee


    It is a game called GOLF... it is not Golf POOL.... The pockets on the Snooker Table are Snooker Pockets that have been modified, to be tighter. Anyone is welcome to play. Some games last 3 hours or more, some games have lasted longer than 4 hours. At $5 & $1, you can lose $35, at $10 & $1 you...
  4. ceebee


    Our Snooker Table at MaGoos (Tulsa) has diamonds on it's rails. They are made by Avery, they are round & look like little donuts. They were originally made to reinforce the holes in 3 ring binder paper. Us old guys use them for Rail Play.... We play on a 10' Brunswick Royal Snooker Table, that...
  5. ceebee

    BreakRAK for sale

    I have two (2) Factory Seconds (surface imperfection) for sale. You can get it in Standard BreakRAK configuration or you can get it in the Pro-Model configuration. They are discounted The Standard Model is discounted to $389.00 The Pro Model is discounted to $429.00 Shipping is free to...
  6. ceebee

    Premium Chalks – Are They Worth It?

    Thanks for the report. I tried the K brand a few years back, didn't care for it. I've used Masters Chalk, for over 50 years, that does it for me. I use to be a fan of the Green Chalk, but since since blue cloth is on everything, I use the Blue Chalk.
  7. ceebee

    Getting Shape when Object Ball is in Jaws of Pocket

    Ol Bert has helped many a Player learn some valuable info. Getting position, after making a Gimme, isn't always that easy, because sometimes the Cue Ball still has some energy or spin, that causes it to do funny things. Take a look at his suggestions & practice them until the new info is Second...
  8. ceebee

    Are rail sights in the correct place? Should the gutter line be 2:1 rather than the cushion nose?

    I have drawn several Pool Tables on AutoCAD & Sketchup, I always use the gutter line as 1.125, half the diameter of the object ball, where it meets up with the cushion nose. You might want to add a skosch to that, because the ball does penetrate the Cushion Nose line... on harder shots.
  9. ceebee

    Pro-Model BreakRAKs (seconds) For Sale (2)

    Last Year's Model, both New, both are the Pro Model , 2 of them, both have surface blemishes. Both have Lifetime warranties. Function is perfect, the surfaces just have some some microbubbles $400.00 each
  10. ceebee

    Variations of 8ball let’s hear them all

    I like to play Short Rack 8 Ball... 4 Stripes , 4 solids & the 8 Ball (racked like 9 Ball). You can run a lot of racks... with a Great Break Shot
  11. ceebee

    Open- or closed-bridge hand and gloves?

    Niels is tall & Pool Tables are made for short people too, hence the spread of his legs. I always keep a finger over my bridge rail, to control the movement of the Cue.
  12. ceebee

    I used to be better, but I haven’t played in a while.

    I'm 81 in 12 days & I'm itchin to play some on my Birthday. I played with a buddy a couple weeks ago & I ran some 9 Ball Racks..., I think 4 was the most. I don't play much & when I do it's playing Golf at Magoo's, in Tulsa. Been busy this Summer with the BreakRAK, personal projects & selling my...
  13. ceebee

    SVB featured on 60 min (dropped 10 hrs ago)

    That's the media for ya.... If you'll start calling the sponsors & telling them what you think, You'll dry up the waterhole, the bastards drink from...
  14. ceebee

    Hi Tanner... CeeBee here.. hope you are well. Things are great here, I'm another year old in...

    Hi Tanner... CeeBee here.. hope you are well. Things are great here, I'm another year old in September . I'll be 81. I'm still playing well & still selling BreakRAKs... Have a good one & gimme a call.
  15. ceebee

    My pool game is really suffering

    Well, if you've played long enough & had some success, you'll be sorry if you sell your Cues, for cheap. I quit for 20 years, because I went away to work 60 hours a week & be a Daddy & a Husband. I came back in 2001, after retiring from BOEING in '98... won a few tournaments & was right back in...
  16. ceebee

    Open- or closed-bridge hand and gloves?

    The guy in the picture looks more like Rempe than Rafael...
  17. ceebee

    Practice practice practice

    Cole Dickson is correct about the power in a Break Shot, but there are still many players trying to hit it 50 MPH, no matter what you tell 'em... Corey Duel is the Master of Easy Break Shots, so they outlawed him & his easy Break Shots... Accuracy is omnipotent in the Break Shot
  18. ceebee

    Practice practice practice

    Funny Ha-Ha... Actually I put a wide (1/4") Marks-A-Lot Stripe, in the middle of the spine, going the short way or across the spine. It's a great target & does provide useful feedback. I lay the Phone Book in the spot are a & point the spine perpendicular, toward the direction of the CB, headed...
  19. ceebee

    Lil Joe Villalpando is Doing Fine!

    Mr Villalpando is a great guy, glad to hear he is well...
  20. ceebee

    Practice practice practice

    Three Ball is OK, I have used a big Phone Book. But, repetition is compromised or taxed with anything, but a BreakRAK. Knowledge, with Repetition is the key to learning physical motion...period.